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What mistakes are made by newly made authors of Shkolyzhizni. ru?

For quite some time now " project; Shkolazhizni. ru rushed into my life. I will not tell that it changed it to unrecognizability, but influence of this project on me was rather essential. There passed only several months, and feeling such that here I davny - live long ago. Here I teach others how to live, someone teaches me to knowledge everyday Such it, Life!

Everything is good, but which - that disturbs me in the project. New authors come. I so want to accept them, to help to adapt that it startanutsya easier. Why to them to step on a rake on which other authors stepped not once?

Dear beginners! I want to turn your view of some problems which you do not see or you do not consider it necessary to see. I want to help you to begin to lead full-fledged life on the project and if it is possible so to speak, to help fire not to die away ahead of time. I do not exclude: the negative moments will take place! But everything is overcome!

Well that? Let`s begin - with

1. Some authors are not accustomed to study rules of the project. Often they become hollow with the charter, and then are perplexed by what right them lower from heaven on the earth . I will give such analogy: you bought the washing machine and neglected a small book. Operating instructions is called. And, imagine, in the first week your brand new equipment failed. You begin to rush about, blame all and everything, but only not yourself! Why did not read where and what to stick? The result is available.

Here and in To " School;. For something the general manuals, certain for ours, authors, advantage are channelized. Examine, please, with all requirements and wishes offered by the management of the website and to you he will be kind. There is FAQ, there are recommendations about writing of good article. In the top part of the website press on the reference My articles . There you will find the text under the name What is good article? Be educated!

2. With enviable constancy in blogs distributes a bloodcurdling scream: Why I am not published? Where editors got to? What with my article not so? . I come, I meet in absentia the author. It appears, its masterpieces are written by the syllable clear only to it to one. Slightly did not break an eye once. Put yourself to the place of the ordinary reader. Yes he will only glance and quicker will be on the lam from your page. Editors - that will read and will render a verdict - but not first of all.

Ask to write in popular available language - write, but you do not know it - learn. You write not the thesis or the scientific treatise here. Present before yourself the school student of elementary grades. Your task - to give it elements, for example, of quantum mechanics. I personally in it boom - boom, but if explain to me on fingers, think, my gray substance not so gray - will understand from the first.

3. the Beginning authors, as a rule, write about what is interesting at present only to them by one. What do I mean? Interests green author, for example, subject of the relations of the man and woman. He does not watch that he is already available on the website on similar subject, molds the. Then there are in an editorial board at the same time several articles on the same subject. It is good if author`s view of a problem from a different angle is expressed. And that is quite often milled the wind.

Show better how you personally see a situation. Give even to the worn most out subject the identity and uniqueness. Let style of the author, but not stupid copying of well-known norms and principles, and still, God forbid, ineptly torn off from other websites will be visible there. There is a search on the website where the necessary keyword is entered and not one ten articles is issued for a required subject including articles which are in work time. Look what and when your colleagues already wrote about whether the topic is completely covered. Study their articles at least not to repeat, but to add and expand a subject.

4. Headings Uf! It is the separate song and a constant headache for many authors. About headings it is possible to write the whole article. The huge mistake - the name of article does not correspond to contents. Happens so that the author wanted to write about one, but in the course of creation the step turned out aside. Then it is desirable to read ready material several times and to pick up an appropriate question for heading.

You as the author, you can be on the wave, offering the name and to believe that others understand your thoughts. And actually, the name intriguing, unclear, sometimes and inappropriate... You attracted the reader, he visited the page, and there the complete antithesis. It is good still when the text actual and substantial. Readers can forgive. But it will not be pleasant - stakes will place.

5. And the last what I cannot but mention. Shkolazhizni. ru - it is not just the Internet - the magazine where it is possible to be published. It is the huge social network giving tremendous feedback to each author. But from - for misunderstandings or elementary unwillingness new authors pass by comments to articles. Here where scatterings of ideas lie! Here where well of inspiration and support! Do not neglect feedback. As it is necessary! For your growth, for improvement, as author. The first comments hardly are accepted, especially, if they not such iridescent as were expected. Penetrate, understand that wanted to tell you, than to help in what to correct.

Find courage to accept all criticism concerning your creativity, do not run away from the project ahead of time. Here such field for personal growth! Where you on open spaces of the Internet could see similar? I assure you - not so many worthy projects able to affect on your internal I . You want to grow as the author, as the personality, - become the full-fledged citizen under the name Shkolazhizni. ru . And the name - not casual. Not only we, authors, came here to teach - we are taught too.

So let`s study life, the relations and mutual support!