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The abuse generates mutants? The Bible approves

: Death and life - in the power of the " language;. And it not exaggeration.

It is known that when elders of natives of Australia read the burial service the criminal, the ceremony successfully works, even when that is far from the place of burial service, - the person dies without any visible reason.

The Pleasant speech - comb honey, is sweet as a hobby and curative for bones - it is said in the Book by the Parable. And the abuse is unambiguously condemned in the Bible. Under Moisey`s law, everyone who scolded the parents could be punished by death.

We often forget, or perhaps we do not want to know about what saving can be a word of mercy and love and how destructive even carelessly told evil word is. American researchers revealed that people who are constantly abused are subject to colds, zheludochno - to intestinal frustration, candidiases, bladder diseases and so forth.

Impact of the word on human physiology was proved at the beginning of the last century by the neuropsychiatrist V. M. Bekhterev. And K. I. Platonov`s researches confirmed that the word can cause the physiological reactions similar to influence of environment. If the person pronounces a swear word to another, then it not only offends that person to whom it is told, but also will do harm to told. Scientists claim today that swear words blow up in the genetic device of the person thereof there are mutations which lead to degeneration.

Pyotr Garyaev and Georgy Tertyshny, scientists from Institute of problems of management of the Russian Academy of Sciences, invented the device which transfers human words to electromagnetic oscillations. And the last, as we know, influence molecules of heredity of DNA. According to their researches, DNA perceives the human speech. Words it is information influence them. As it appeared, swear words are capable to cause in living cell mutagen effect, similar to radioactive radiation!

Scientists made experiments on seeds of an arabidopsis. Almost all plants died. And those that survived turned into the genetic freaks not capable to reproduction of healthy posterity.

P. P. Garyaev speaks: Of course, irradiating damned waves seeds of an arabidopsis, we predicted result. But what turned out just terrified us. Power of the swear words which fell upon a poor plant was similar... to radiation in 40 thousand a X-ray. From such blow DNA chains tore, chromosomes broke up, genes were scattered and mixed. Certainly, the majority of seeds died, and those that survived... better they would not survive. Their genetic device began to develop unnatural programs as a result of which the terrible mutations which caused serious illnesses of plants and premature death " began;.

Through several generations the posterity completely degenerated. And the genetic device, as we know, works for all live organisms under one laws.

Results of researches in the field of wave genetics allow to claim: for a human body it is not indifferent that his owner thinks, listens, reads or speaks. Because all perceived information is reflected in a wave genome. At the same time the human body does not sort from whom you obtain information, from the living interlocutor or from the TV screen. Any pronounced word works as the wave genetic program capable to make essential impact on behavior and life of people. Even if you read silently, information reaches cellular kernels on electromagnetic channels.

One text revitalizes heredity, and another injures it. Prayful words awaken reserve opportunities of the genetic device. The damnation destroys wave programs, so, normal development of an organism. Scientists say that they opened nothing new. It was known to people since ancient times. Thanks to prayers of Saints hopelessly sick recovered. And blessing of righteous persons extended not only to the specific person, but also to his posterity.

Researchers managed to recover the seeds killed with radioactive radiation saying over them prayers. The mixed genes, the broken-off chromosomes and spirals of DNA fell into place and grew together. When scientists pronounced kind words to healthy seeds of wheat, those yielded an unknown harvest. And again scientists declared that they did not open something new. Because in former times every spring it was made by the rural priest, blessing seeds and the earth for a new harvest.

Comparing wave characteristics of DNA and the human speech, scientists found out that their coincidence made 30%. It appears, in molecules of heredity characteristics of the human speech are put. Whom? Obviously, That who created DNA and the person by means of the Word about which it is told in the Bible. Thus, wave characteristics of the Creator are imprinted also in heredity molecules, and in the human speech. And not only in them - scientists consider.

Having glanced more deeply in molecule DNA, researchers saw that more than 95% of the maintenance of chromosomes make the coded texts! This part of information which is contained in chromosomes still remains to the unknown.

Trying to decipher the mysterious text in molecules DNA, experts from Institute of quantum genetics came to a conclusion that DNA is the same text, as well as the text of the book, but it is possible to read it from any letter because there are no breaks between words. It constantly moves, changes because our chromosomes breathe, fluctuate, generating a huge number of texts.

Linguists and mathematicians of MSU came to a conclusion that they structure of the human speech, the book text and structure of sequence of DNA are mathematically close. In other words, it is really texts in languages still unknown to us. Cages talk among themselves!

Pyotr Garyaev`s conclusion is as follows: The Person is self-readable text structure The program which is written down on DNA could not result from Darwin evolution - to write down such huge number of information, time which many times over exceeds time of existence of the Universe " is required;.

The last discoveries even more often send us to the Bible, convince more and more that In the beginning there was a Word