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Why " tea; ate ? Properties of water to for the good.

the Nutritionists and people leading a healthy lifestyle unanimously urge us to drink a lot of water. It is a lot of If to be exact - 40 ml on 1 kg of weight. That is weighing 60 kg it is necessary to drink 2,4 liters of water is in days. Better spring or thawed. But not mineral, not water, not lemonade. And it is better to drink 60% of this portion till 16 o`clock - when kidneys are most active. Then diseases will recede. And the cage will be filled with water. And the old age to us is not terrible - about advanced years we will be young and elastic. Let`s not dry up.

I trust. And so I live already more than half a year. Actually - it became somehow more cheerful to live. Health is absence of diseases. And when nothing hurts - energy is released on others feats . And life begins to gush forth new paints. Everything that does not belong to water - food. Means, our far ancestors who ate tea, coffee, cocoa were right. Prior to the beginning of the word " XIX century; " drink; in our language was not. Used the words " swill; drink napivka .

Word " drink; was born not from the verb to drink and from to saturate i.e. to feed. Practically all drinks have a nutrition value. Therefore with cream said about tea and coffee that them eat but do not drink. And therefore, when you will consider the caloric content of an average lunch, do not forget that, for example, a cup of cocoa with a capacity of 200 ml from all of the favourite powder " Nesquik; will pull on 260 kcal at once. What cannot be told about water.

Every day all new and new secrets are revealed to us by water. The fact that it has a memory is known, probably, by each school student. And that water - an information field of Earth - too not news. And therefore, knowing such subtleties, we can use them to himself for the good. Time water possesses memory, so she remembers how she was a crystal when we froze it. And the crystal structure has absolutely other scheme of connection of molecules. The formula of water will remain to they are H2O, and here properties water will get absolutely others. Will become structured. That which is in berries and fruit. In vegetables.

Time at water is memory - means, it is possible to tell everything that you want on water and to drink it as an elixir. Thoughts will be positive - will run is found on channels, will incur to each cage health and love. Disgusting thoughts and words will be - it will destroy an organism. Not just like that there were fairy tales about dead and water of life. It appears, each of us can these waters in house conditions create. And with each drink of water of life to come to life and get prettier, the thoughts to brush.

You do not trust? Try. The technology is simple. Gather in capacity (better than 0,5 l, a plastic small bottle) the filtered and otstoyanny water. Place in the freezer for the night. And then, having taken out from the refrigerator, give it a natural way to thaw. Here and thawed water of life will turn out at you. And if on it to tell any kind words, wishing health, good luck, love and prosperity, so it also will incur this information to each section of your body. Be happy and surely healthy!