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How to carry out business dialogue effectively?

Dialogue are a simple exchange of remarks, but this exchange is subordinated to certain rules and laws. The general rules of dialogue are clear to the majority, but to repeat part of them, I think, will not be superfluous. It is very important to remember that the question demands the answer and if you were asked to make something, it is necessary either to make it, or to report about refusal, proving it. Also, if the person just tells something (shares something sore), it is necessary to listen attentively.

Dialogues happen also household (in the bosom of the family, to friends, on the street etc.). Their purposes and subject different (something to ask, to consult, to have a good time, rest etc.) .

If you want to begin dialogue, it is important to remember the following:

and) Mutual desire to carry on conversation . It is necessary to consider whether your interlocutor for dialogue has time (desire);

) the Subject has to interest both. the Most important that useful and substantial such conversation will be in case interlocutors own this subject, it interests both of them, and, moreover, everyone can state the opinion concerning this subject;

in) Of course needs to speak one language . That is to consider both age, and a floor, and education. It will make conversation useful and will bring satisfaction from conversation;

of) is important to be Not less at the same time friendly, sincere, objective, sure and keen. Business communication, of course, differs in

from household. Here it is important to remember that the businessman most often should communicate irrespective of desire. Especially it belongs to the management.

Actually, the success of today`s business communication (in connection with expansion of business contacts) directly depends on knowledge and competent use of rules, the regulations, the protocol.

The protocol is a set of the standard rules, traditions and conventions observed by the governments, the state and official departments, the organizations, officials, a business community and citizens in the international communication.

the Protocol allows each official to carry out the concrete duties. Knowledge of legal norms, office ethics and ability to apply them - one of elements of professional qualification of the businessman.

On courses of business rhetoric I learned about existence of requirements which linguists call maxims. Very much I want to share them as it was convinced that their use brings only benefit:

1. maxim of completeness of information (its exhaustion);

2. quality maxim (it is necessary to tell the truth);

3. a relevance maxim (it is very important not to digress);

4. a style maxim (to speak clearly, shortly, consistently).

Etiquette maxims are not less important :

1. a step maxim (it is important to observe interests of another);

2. a generosity maxim (not to complicate life of others);

3. an approval maxim (it is better to keep silent, than to curse unreasonably);

4. a modesty maxim (here and there is nothing to add );

5. a consent maxim (here it is important to avoid rather open objection, using the phrase yes, only );

6. a sympathy maxim (the benevolence it is very important to state!) .

needs to be remembered also that excessive politeness in business communication is so unacceptable how many and violation of the code of politeness.

I think, not superfluous will be to remind also that deception, malignant gossip, slander, gossips, boasting, insults are under a secret ban. And not only in business communication. I hope, this article will help you to construct high-quality business and household communication.

Communicate with pleasure! Carry on dialogues effectively!