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How to help the child to choose a profession? Part 1.

Each jumper knows that the jump will be much better if to make good running start. Sooner or later your child will grow up and will choose the course of life, will choose the way of production of a daily bread, that is a profession.

However in this question, as well as in jumps, good running start which will give to a jump an additional impulse and a right direction is important. The earlier a choice of future profession by your child will be made, the more it has time for running start, the more it is possible to get on well at preparation it to future professional activity, to a labor jump.

Nevertheless, too early you should not make this choice too, the mistake price is too big here. Not all talents, abilities and tendencies of the child can be opened at once, often on it the long time is required. Also it will be very offensive if all childhood of the child is devoted Mira Muzyki, and then it will become clear that his real calling is soccer.

Some children from the earliest age already know whom they will be when grow. One rave the sky or even space, others - the distant countries, the seas - oceans, the third see themselves commanders, the fourth - doctors, teachers, militiamen. Very few people from children see himself in the future the clerk, the accountant and the lawyer, dream, as a rule, of heroic and romantic professions. Most of children want to be those about whom there was the latest seen animated cartoon or the read book. After series about turtles - the ninjia they want to be ninjias, but then they watch the epic about Harry Potter and already All works as the poet wrote want to be wizards etc. of

, are good - choose on taste. However it is very important to make a right choice. As well as any choice, the choice of future profession is carried out by certain criteria and with certain restrictions. In my opinion, the major criterion is a receiving moral satisfaction from professional activity. Further (and it is frequent together with it) self-realization, that is disclosure in work of talents, abilities and internal reserves of the person follows. And only then there is a prestige, profitability, communications of parents, dynastic and other reasons.

Of course, accents can be placed and in a different way. In each family the criteria. But it is necessary to remember that the incorrect choice of criteria can lead to the incorrect decision which will cost much to your child.

On four the Internet - forums of a psychological orientation I carried out questioning where one of questions sounded so: Place on importance of advantage of your work to you . Also 14 criteria were offered.

as a result, after processing of 40 questionnaires, turned out the following:

1. Interest in the business;

2. Moral satisfaction from the performed work;

3. Friendly, pleasant staff;

4. High salary;

5. Good social package, working conditions, flexible hours.

So, on the first place, with a big separation interest in the business goes. And it is quite expected very few people will agree to devote the life and the time to the fact that to it it is uninteresting even if it brings in the good income. On the second place return from the business - moral satisfaction. And it is quite expected too and it is clear - interest has to be encouraged with return, otherwise it quickly dies away. And it is interesting that moral return is appreciated on average above material. On the third place - comfortable collective that emphasizes that the person - the being social, and is important not only as as it does, important also with whom he does this serious work. The relations with surrounding people, with colleagues play very important role for most of participants of questioning. All of us, first of all, - people, and only then functional elements of this or that system. On the fourth and fifth place - material return from work. Too quite expected result. There is a wish to eat, as they say, always and if favourite business does not bring in the income, it is necessary to share it with something else, and eventually the person can just be disappointed and replace the favourite business on some another, also favourite, but also profitable.

Fish looks for where is deeper, and the person - where fish.

And here disclosure of own talents and abilities appeared on one of the last places. Alas, but it so. In my opinion, it is one of negative results of lack of vocational training and the help from parents which were noted by almost all respondents. There is an occasion to reflect.

What typical mistakes of parents in the choice of criteria?

In - the first, in many families does not have any criteria of the choice at all. To some parents just laziness or not time to be engaged in the child in general, and they think of his vocational guidance in the latest turn. It leads to casual choice of profession.

Though sometimes this choice is successful.

From respondents less than 20% reported that parents trained them for the chosen profession and were engaged though somehow in vocational guidance. If someone was also helped by parents, then, generally it was material support, a maximum - conversations and purchase of literature.

In - the second, there are family traditions. For example, the great-grandfather was a doctor, the grandfather was a doctor, the father was a doctor. Whom else to be to the son? The question is not even necessary. These are dynastic professions.

And besides, sometimes it leads to success. The child since the childhood is shipped on the corresponding Wednesday, communicates with representatives of the future profession, has advantages in the form of the help and communications of parents, their experience and a patronage.

Among respondents 14% consider it necessary to acquaint with the profession the children.

In - the third, often into the forefront money or prestige of a profession are withdrawn.

To me all the same where you work if only you earned much and us, parents, provided - such is a position of many fathers and mothers.

At last, many philoprogenitive parents urge the child to find such work not to strain much.

Wherever to work if only not to work!

The child can quite find in all these cases that it is necessary for him and to be quite successful and happy, but such cases - it is rather an exception, than the rule. It as the prize in a lottery - to someone is lucky, but to not everyone.

Neudovletvorena payment of the work of 50% of respondents. About 20% are not satisfied with the chosen profession. 38% would replace the profession and even a field of activity if more favorable offer arrived. About 5% the performed work is uninteresting. 14% do not use the talents and abilities at work. And only 10% noted that their talents and abilities completely revealed in the chosen profession.

How to learn that the choice of profession is made truly? Very simply: if the person goes to work, as for a holiday if business burns in his hands if it completely reveals in the business, realizes the hidden talents, quickly becomes the master in the business, has feeling of satisfaction with the work, achieves success in the affairs. If work at the same time is also its hobby - here signs of successful choice of profession.

Work and a hobby are crossed at 24% of respondents.

Respectively, the choice of profession is made incorrectly if the person at work is exhausted, goes to work as it on penal servitude, dreams of a lunch, the end of the working day, Friday, holiday., often changes work (not the place of work, namely work, specialization, activity), does not grow professionally and does not feel need for it, has the various hobbies taking much more important place in his life than work.

Undoubtedly, can happen so that the person who made an incorrect choice will sometime find that to it to liking. But it can occur too late, and will be excruciatingly painful for aimlessly lived years .

the Great painter Goya found the calling in the fine arts at very respectable age, somewhere in 40 years. How many he could make, find he yourself in painting in youth!

(To be continued)