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As signs or What color will be " work; tomorrow ?

to be superstitious - not to good.

(National sign.)

Life consists of huge number of regularities, ourselves to ourselves prepare all surprises. Only we are not always able to see prichinno - investigative communication between a trifle in the past and the tragedy in the present. As a result we refer to mysticism.

(Alexander Galibin. Master, actor and director.)

Let`s make such experiment:

we will take the handle and a clean sheet of paper, in the middle we will draw a straight line. Now on this straight line in any order nakiday black and white points. Then, also in any order, nakiday big black and white circles. It`s a go?

And now present that direct is your life, and circles of black and white color are events in your life. Generally all of them are neutral, and (well or badly) you it set color.

There now, for example, you broke a leg... It is bad? And if you this day had to go by the train which broke in an abyss, and from - for injuries did not get to the train, then it - as?

Now we will consider such hypothesis: each good event is preceded by a good sign, and to everyone bad - bad.

And it is valid if we look at our straight line, then for each big white circle it is possible to find the small white point preceding it, and for black - black.

What is signs? It too events. Quite to casual. But people give them a certain sense, paint them some coloring (often different people the same events - signs paint differently, for example, emergence of a comet - extremely heavy omen for those who were going to lose battle, and a good sign for those who are ready to win it). The curious phenomenon turns out:

For those who trust in signs - they work, and for those who do not trust - no.

It is valid if we live to ourselves, without paying attention to points of different color, then in our life just there are events. As one would expect - casual and with a different sign.

Normal life.

If we trace points, then after any black point we wait for a black circle.

And he does not keep itself waiting long.

It is obvious that signs - work. Only what business: continuous expectation of plokhikhsobytiya can attract them (we subconsciously on them were adjusted). So signs work not only passively, but also is active, in some measure forming bad events.

A conclusion at me such: it is possible to trust in signs, but only in good. Events should be painted in lives, but only in white color. And then life will change in a magic way: from sad expectation of misfortunes on active expectation of progress.