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What does the headache threaten with?

It it, again it, an invincible, awful illness at which hurts the half-heads... from it there are no means, there is no rescue... I will try not to move the head .

You see, the headache can lead literally - to trouble. So why others have to suffer from it? If Pontius Pilate lived presently, then for certain he at first would descend to the doctor, and then already carefully considered the decision.

What hurts?

the Headache can be main, and sometimes and the only complaint at a set of various diseases nervous, endocrine and is warm - vascular systems, kidneys, eyes etc. It is a secondary headache, and it is necessary to treat at the same time the main disease.

But there are and actually headaches - primary. In this case in the head vessels, a cover of a brain, sinew and muscle can hurt. It appears, a spasm of these muscles - the reason of the most widespread primary headaches, so-called pains of tension. It is that pressing pain which arises after experiences, an unlucky day.

Treats the same type and migraine is a sudden pain most often in one half of the head. Every fifth case of migraine begins so-called migrenozny aura - falling of mood, painful sensitivity and visual violations. The reason of such pain - sudden narrowing, and then so sharp expansion of walls of vessels. At such moments Pontius Pilate did not want to live.

The headache, depending on the reason causing it, is various by the form, to force and localization - it can be sharp (migraine), stupid (tension), be localized in some one site of the head (cluster or puchkovy pain), to develop pristupoobrazno, once or through some time.

If the headache is followed by dizziness or vomiting - it is a disturbing symptom. Perhaps, this state is connected with osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone, violation of food of a brain or an inflammation. Only the highly skilled doctor - the neuropathologist can define the true reason of a headache.

How we will treat? Until recently effective treatment of a headache presented to

for physicians big difficulties. But considerable break of modern medicine in recent years allowed to answer many unsoluble questions. Now to doctors in power completely to relieve the person of the painful attacks preventing to live and work normally.

There are whole clinics specializing in a headache. Of course, more than 50% of success depend on the correct diagnostics by means of the modern equipment. The second criterion of success - an integrated approach with involvement of experts from various field of medicine and use of the most effective methods.

The consultation of doctors of all necessary specialties with involvement of leading experts has to practice in difficult clinical cases. Equipment state-of-the-art, experts of a high profile, an integrated approach with use of the last achievements of medicine - here that composed success in treatment of a headache.

At a severe headache it is not necessary to swallow handfuls of tablets - your problem is solved after a course of competently picked up treatment. Do not postpone the visit to the doctor! Live without pain - do not force to suffer yourself and others!