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How to get rid of fear?

Ode to fears.

Which of us would not like to become fearless? Brave, brave, dashing? Who would not want to get off forever this heavy fur coat by name fear ? However not everything is so simple. The fear is such protective mental reaction which helps people and to all live on the earth to survive and develop. Let`s assume that our far ancestor dressed in the latest fashion the Stone Age in skins with a spear atilt, went to the wood to hunting. Also saw there... well, say, lion. Deprived of fear, he rushed in fight with a predator and was safely eaten. Other our ancestor fearlessly climbed on the abrupt rock. Somewhere in the middle it safely broke down and fertilized itself(himself) the soil of a foothill slope. The third fearlessly decided to cross the sea... The fourth fearlessly experimented with fire... The fifth...

we would Live now, be at us such ancestors? That is the same...

So, the fear is given us not for nothing, it is necessary for us in order that we did not climb where it is not necessary and could survive. Those who are not allocated with it long do not live and posterities viable do not leave.

Types of fears

What happen fears? I would divide them into 2 look: fear of the unknown and fear of dangerous. In the first case we face object unfamiliar earlier and we do not know what to expect from it. It is that and causes sensation of fear. And suddenly it is dangerous? The second case is simpler - we know, for example, that the snake can sting. Therefore we are afraid of it. We know that from the brink of a precipice it is possible to fall down. Therefore without excess need we do not come there.

For fears to care

Sometimes life demands from us to overcome the fears. This mechanism is known: at first we study dangerous object. We reveal under what conditions it is dangerous, than it is dangerous and as it is possible to prevent or liquidate consequences from collision with it. Further there is an experiment with all possible precautionary measures. Then we seize this object, we learn it to use in the purposes, without forgetting about its danger. Then care already turns from consciousness into subconsciousness - we do not think of it any more, but we observe precautionary measures. And here - the object becomes absolutely harmless, tamed and useful.

For example, matches are the fire subdued by mankind.

Overcoming of fear process of overcoming of fear - is very tempting

for the person. The hormone which is emitted at the same time causes adrenaline thrills also can serve as some kind of drug. Some people so sit down on it that overcoming of fears becomes business of their life. Such people become stuntmen, trainers of wild animals, rescuers, military, militiamen, test pilots etc.

Expansion of possession

The fact that we could tame - our possession. Out of this circle there is a danger circle, and behind it - a circle novel. The person can exist quite comfortably in the possession created since the childhood, but much becomes close in this circle and they seek to expand the possession.

Mother told what to smoke harmfully. And suddenly it not so? Suddenly I will manage to subdue smoking? All boys in the yard subdued it...

By the way, about boys. It is much easier to overcome fears, knowing that someone could already make it. Here we follow as if in a waterway the ice breaker, without encountering resistance. That is why it is so important to have the good teacher, the trainer, a worthy sample.

Having overcome fear once, we cut through a corridor in forbidden to us before area. These are already our possession, and we can equip them.

Overcame fear of performance on public - now theatrical scenes and podiums, stands and arenas are available to us, a television camera eye is not terrible.

Gradually, cutting through all new and new corridors, we expand a circle of our possession to new level, and we have much more freedom.

do not have the summary fearless people, fear - natural protective reaction of human mentality. The fear is necessary for us for a survival. Fear itself can place at service, overcoming it and replacing with care, skills of safe interaction with objects of fear, registered in subconsciousness. The fear is overcome by careful and comprehensive study of objects of fear, the analysis of their danger and development of precautionary measures.

Though there are situations when the fear is overcome by just titanic effort of will - feats so are born.