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What did the first round-the-world travel end with?

on September 6, 1522, 485 years ago, in the Spanish port of Seville the only escaped ship dropped an anchor from that five which three years earlier under Fernando Magallanes`s leadership went to the first round-the-world travel. Victoria Juan Sebastian Elcano brought on the native earth. From 265 people who went together with Magellan there were only 18 people.

To be fair it is necessary to tell that three more persons from expedition who got to the Portuguese prisons returned to Spain several years later. Thus, two figures 18 and 21 appear in historical literature.

As it often happens in the history, Elcano was declared the hero, on him favor fell down: annual pension, the coat of arms with the image of the globe and an inscription: You me rounded the first and adoration of compatriots. Magellan posthumously got unfair charges of cruelty and violation of royal orders. But let`s wonder in all honesty: And I knew about Elcano`s existence? . And any school student can show the Strait of Magellan on the map.

How there was this travel? It began with the fact that on September 20, 1519 Fernando Magallanes kissed at parting the young wife Beatrice, darted a glance at the newborn son Rodrigo and ordered to lift an anchor. To push luck went Trinidad (flagship of Magallanes), San Antonio Kontsepsyon Victoria and Santiago .

6 days later expedition approached Tenerife, and on October 3 headed for Brazil, and two and a half months later entered the bay Rio - - Zhaneyro. Further their way lay to the port of St. Julian which they reached on March 31, 1520. The winter (unlike Europe it lasts all our summer there) came nearer, and Magellan made the decision to winter exactly here. But the part of team was negative to it extremely, having demanded to go to more southern latitudes. The head of expedition refused it.

Situation was aggravated with the fact that there was a split between the Spanish and Portuguese members of expedition. And on the eve of the Palm Sunday open revolt broke out at all. Business reached also murder. And only at the cost of several victims (not less than three leaders of conspirators are executed, and how many still died in skirmishes) and iron will of Fernando it was succeeded more - to bring order less. At the same time one captain was degraded in ordinary sailors, and the second was put ashore at all.

On August 24, 1520 seafarers left the port which brought them misfortune. But Fortuna continued to try to discover lucky on the opposite side, having turned away from Magellan: soon one of the ships - Santiago was wrecked. And all - the ships reached the passage, having rounded Virzhiniya`s gulf. This passage received a name of Magellan subsequently. And as ill-luck would have it exactly here suffered ship-wreck and the second ship - San - Antonio .

Four months later three ships reached the Southern sea which received the name of the Pacific Ocean later. And only on March 6, 1521 the team for the first time in three and a half months set foot on firm land. And in three days Magellan headed for islands which were called Philippines later.

By the way, the seafarer called the islands opened for them, but existing from time immemorial, especially without reflecting how Europeans will apprehend these names. So, during disembarkation to one of them expedition very much suffered from natives who appropriated everything that badly lies, with such impudence and speed that Magellan called these islands for tendency of their inhabitants to theft - Thieves`, or Landrones.

He not too - that stood on ceremony with locals and eventually paid for it. At the end of April, 1521 it burned one of islands, and to the population of the second ordered to send it three goats, three pigs, three measures of rice and three measures of millet. In reply they declared that they are ready to give it two goats, two pigs, on two measures of millet and rice. It is not pleasant - any more nothing will be given. It did not suit Fernando Magallanes: he made the order to complete three boats with crew in 50 - 60 people and opposed this settlement on April 28 in the morning. They were met by many people, around three - four thousand people who fought with such persistence that Fernando Magallanes and six people who were with it were killed. So disgracefully life of the glorified seafarer ended. In fact, he sold it for a goat, a pig and a handful of rice

Needs to add that Magellan was on top form forces, to it went only 41 - y year.

This death sharply changed the expedition course. In - the first, natives flatly refused to give to heads of expedition a body of their leader. In - the second, Magellan`s translator after his death ran away and told the local rajah that Spaniards want to destroy him. That, earlier adjusted to Europeans very friendly, invited all top expeditions to. Nothing not suspecting Spaniards landed on the island in number of 26 people, but were almost right there interrupted

Portuguese Carvalho who Headed expedition did not decide to risk other people and hastily left from the inhospitable island. There were not enough people as it is, and then the decision to flood the oldest ship - " was made; Kontsepsyon .

The remained two ships - Trinidad and Victoria were going to go further together. But on Trinidad the crack was formed, Carvalho made the decision to remain on the Moluccas and to make repair, and Victoria to send home. It was necessary to both those, and others hardly. The first as it was already told above, got to the Portuguese captivity, and the second hardly transferred torment of hunger. From 83 crew members Spain was reached only by 18.

There could be a travel differently? Probably. If Europeans would treat natives more humanly. But history does not know a subjunctive mood