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What to do if you are refused to be dismissed?

we Will imagine a situation when at the work you give the best personal indicators, you show a creative initiative and you carry out a five-years period in one quarter.

Colleagues at the sight of such inadequate behavior each muscle of the scornful look console the vanity in thoughts as that The Initiative is punishable! Quietly you go - you will be farther One little, but proud birdie... and so on, and so forth.

The management deeply concerned with labor productivity increase, boldly undertakes all effective methods to expose you darling to the best of other worst. Such receptions as the room of your ten-year prescription of the photo checked in the millennia on the wall newspaper of drummers of communistic work, delivery of the diploma for good behavior and delivery of a single award of ten percent from your average annual salary are used.

Over time all your attempts to reduce quarter performance of a five-years period by one decade cease to be pleasing to the head`s eye, in department of the colleague tactfully bring down all work on you as on the most perspective and excessively clever young shot, the house you ceased to be seen in general during daylight hours.

And once, in some nasty morning, your decadent consciousness is reached by echoes of thoughts of your colleagues about the fact that the initiative is really punishable, and the size of speed of driving is inversely proportional to achievement of distance from a point And to a point B. About a birdie we will not remember - she as you know, lies in the deepest gorge with the singed wings since Gaidai`s movies.

What it is necessary to do to the poor student (excuse for distortion of severe reality)? Here to you two options: or reconcile to the utopian purpose to make stay at work better, or put skis and go to conquer peaks on other mountain whose top is not touched by dirty fingers of office worker yet.

At once we will note that " option; namba of times through short time will cease to arrange you because you already came off collective, and the management instead of indifference to your person gradually begins to pass to obvious aggression. In a word, you quietly roll in that deep gorge.

And here you understand that dismissal from work remains the only acceptable option. We take a piece of paper and we write the application with a request to dissolve the employment contract.

First of all we go to a human resources department. You be only not surprised, but if at employment the statement was taken by those shots procedure of reception of an application about dismissal from you for some reason ceased to enter their jurisdiction. But you, on old friendship, dear kadrovichka will give a practical advice to give the statement to office.

And here you come to office. The manager of office, the picturesque woman Elena Stepanovna, also ridiculously will begin to think out tales that literally since yesterday reception of correspondence from workers is secretly stopped, and letters of resignation are adopted only by the CEO only on the Friday which is dropping out for odd day in the first decade of every month. In the rest of the time be kind to work, work and to work once again.

Let`s say that heaven took pity on you and dropped out for today just that notorious Friday. You give to the statement a trade dress and sure gait go to a reception general of all general. That, clearly business, is perplexed to your decision deprived of any mind and suggests you to descend with the statement in a toilet, and there, in pleasant pastime, to consider your further prospects and at the same time to use the document made by you directly.

So it is necessary to do? All - it is necessary to record the fact of your desire to leave, isn`t that so? But how?

My friend, do not take a steam bath excessive questions. Just go to post office and send the statement the registered mail with the notice. You will be given at first the receipt on sending, and several days later you will receive the mail notification signed by that Elena Stepanovna. Here to you and the documentary evidence of the fact that you beforehand notified the employer on desire to leave.

And if the soul is not eager to fulfill two weeks, let she (soul) will drag your body in district clinic, complains to the doctor of incessant headaches, referring to vegetososudisty dystonia in the fifth generation. After that will open for you the sick-list and will direct to analyses. But it is better, than to stay at unloved work, agree?