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How to prepare caviar overseas aubergine? Odessa way

... Just otjet fair green caviar sandwich 46 of the size, and solved - it is necessary to remind! I laid out the recipe of caviar long ago - then, being here still a beginner, was afraid that as article it will not fit. But accomplices esteemed... and, it seems, did not find in it it " not format; therefore I offer it again, so far the season on blue eggplants did not pass - verses as verses, but I warrant for the recipe: tasty! Suddenly someone will risk

- and will speak well. If, of course, loves spicy food! Because sharp and peppered is my passion in everything.

So, we will start.

The poem about eggplant caviar

is Prepared by me, admit to you, poorly,

I I avoid culinary affairs.

And I am able in general a little. But here God caviar ordered to sing of


As now a summer time

A with it - eggplant caviar.

At first it is necessary to buy an eggplant

(a kilogram or two, on appetite looking), to

but in a supermarket, labels for the sake of,

We will not go. From greed shivering, We will voluptuously choose by

from those that we are lucky the peasantry a host.

We will resolutely reject fat women,

In a loud make-up and with hands,

the Covered rings though

I they would invite us nods. we Will find

the peasant copper from the fields

I we will give the kopek to it.

The eggplant let will be moderately thick,

I is dark in the color as if the Black lilac, Daddy to Rubens for ducal table

That forms suited

it for a canvas.

Still golden oil, herbs bunch,

Prespely tomato and chesnochok.

At first we will put eggplants in the furnace,

In a brazier, an oven, it is possible even in miracle

(But I will not advise the microwave oven!) That to a black skin them to burn


But should puncture them before with a fork,

Not that in an oven there will be a cannonade.

Until cool down, it is necessary to solve -

we Want some caviar green or red.

to me red is more tasty and is closer to heart,

But however both is hefty are good,

Green leaves with a bang,

But a smell... I do not advise since morning.

On a frying pan we will redden onions,

Natushim for red there

tomatoes (without skin if jams a habit, -

I personally do without these torments). Who Stout reads

as the Koran -

Put a basil and a marjoram.

Me those who in red

caviar Put gruel from crude tomatoes are pathetic.

we Will reject this way not liberal.

Is good only morning after in the morning

Colourless and sour wish-wash. there is no

, no, and do not ask. Never.

And for a green nadoben garlic,

is More, two heads are possible directly.

to Press, rub, well who as a smog,

them to crush in mashed potatoes potrebno dexterously.

There small we cut onions crude,

crying bitter sometimes.

To remove a skin from the cooled-down eggplants, giblets to dump

A on a piece of wood.

Down with intellectual manners: their

on any it is not necessary to wash out!

All bitterness let will remain inside,

Is equal as matchless aroma.

Rubayem up and down the Knife from nerzhaveyny metal -

we Will arrange weight with

to them specific Ragnarek

(I hope, blue Valgalla waits for them!) we Will divide

, having chopped up unfortunate in stuff,

All on two parts, but not in half.

We pour onions,

to a big half That to us in a mouth burned, did not go out!

Garlic there, vegetable oil.

Of course, salt. And at once to a table,

On white loaf to smear - and to guzzle

(I will remind, it is better nevertheless not since morning).

In the rest - from

tomato the subfrying Made earlier.

(Colour of opposition, orange and bright is pleasant to an eye for quite some time now of


There from Cayenne of pepper slightly

I a sugar spoon. Such is a thorny road.

An award for fuss, a byvaloch,

Usually faces of eaters happen:

Will space out and roll out handles,

I hasty fill in liquid,

Groaning thermonuclear reaction, but not caviar!

And is conceived. Zakusochka is sharp!

* * *

Here two caviar, invaluable gift of heaven! Close

, the reader, the browser was tired, begin

I, not usomnyas at all, to Prepare for

this miracle from miracles.

Indulge in an objedenye as the monk

to the Prayer and forget about times.