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What do zodiac signs mean?

of Stars in the night sky of myriad. Eyes run up. And, not to get lost among stars, people united them in constellations, and named them. Within a year Earth moves around the Sun. It seems to us that this Sun moves rather fixed stars in such a way that serially passes through one constellation, through another.

All such special, visited by the Sun constellations, twelve. So it developed that eight of them are called by the names of animals - they were named by ancient shepherds, hunters and seafarers, for them stars served as reference points. They form a circle which and was called - " in a firmament; circle of animals and on - it is Greek - zodiakos .

The aries - the beginning of a star circle zodiac signs are traditionally reckoned by

from the Aries. In this constellation the Sun stays, having passed a point of the vernal equinox. And it is called in honor of that Aries behind whose Golden Fleece heroes of Hellas - Argonauts floated.

The sacred Taurus

But the main animal at the ancient people of the Mediterranean was not the aries, and a bull, it little bodies. Still, by means of bulls cultivated the land. In Ancient Egypt the sacred bull to Apis was worshipped as god. In Crete the cult of a bull of Minos governed. And ancient Jews long worshipped the Golden Calf. The Sun won constellation of the Taurus winter and announced arrival of spring.

Unseparable Twins

two bright stars are In this constellation so close to one from another that it is not surprising why it was called in honor of twins - Kastora and Polluks. They were sons of powerful Zeus and the beauty Leda. Somehow in fight they were covered strongly with wounds, and Kastor died. Polluks did not want to leave the brother, and asked Zeus not to separate them. Star twins were considered in the ancient time as patrons of the seamen who got to a storm. And not without reason name Dzhemini (Twins) Americans gave to the double spaceships.

Cancer in the sky - the Sun back

About two thousand years ago in constellation of Cancer the point of a summer solstice was. The sun, like cancer began to move back back. Day began to decrease. According to myths, huge Cancer attacked Heracles when he struggled with the Lerneysky Hydra. The athlete crushed it, but Zeus`s wife, the goddess Hera hating Heracles placed Cancer on the sky.

The hottest Lev Assyrians called

this constellation great " fire; and impudent persons compared a furious lion to not less furious heat. At ancient Egyptians of association were more prosy: just at this time packs of lions, escaping from a heat, in large quantities removed from the desert to the valley of Nile. And the Sun removes to Leo constellation at this time.

The fair Maiden

of Whom was only not represented by Virgo constellation close to Lev. It was the Sphinx, Zeus Ray`s mother. Sometimes the Maiden was identified with Themis, the goddess of justice, and sometimes with Astrey, Themis and Zeus`s daughter, - the goddess of justice, a symbol of purity and innocence. The maiden was often represented with an ear in hands, and Spika (in translation from Latin ear ) the brightest star of constellation is called. Means, the star was important for agriculture.

Scales - are not present such animal

When two thousand years ago the Sun got to this constellation, there came the autumn equinox. Day became equal to night, the Sun was in balance on heavenly scales. Or perhaps just there came time to weigh the reaped crop? On Ancient Greek views Themis and her daughter of Astrey weighed on Scales of destiny of people, their good and bad acts. Also Scales became a symbol of an objective judging.

The most dangerous constellation

Late fall Sun got sick became pale and nemochny. Perhaps he was stung by some poisonous creature? Whether the Scorpion is that, stung the heavenly hunter of Orion? And whether it, a heavenly Scorpion, to death frightened the unfortunate Phaeton which fell from - for it from the fiery chariot of the father, god of the Sun Helios?

A star Sagittarius

But the justice and on the Scorpion was. This is the Sagittarius. He aims in the Scorpion from onions. On ancient celestial maps of the Sagittarius sometimes represented in the form of a centaur with two persons, as at the Roman god Janus. The Sagittarius symbolizes the end old and the beginning of new year, one his face looks in the past, and another - in the future. By the way, the first month of year - is called January by the name of Janus.

Where the Capricorn clambers?

In constellation of the Capricorn in the ancient time the point of a winter solstice was. Believed that this day the Sun, having passed the lowermost point, begins to clamber up as if a mountain goat. At the Capricorn a body of a goat and a tail of fish. On a legend goat-hoofed god Pang, the patron of shepherds, was frightened of Typhon`s giant and plunged into the water. And there at it the fish tail grew, and it replaced specialty - became water god, a harbinger of storms and a nasylatel of rains.

The Flood

But most of all rains was sent by Aquarius. At Greeks this constellation was called Gidrokhos, Romans have Akvarius, at Arabs - Sakib - al - ma. What meant one and too: the person pouring water. At ancient shumer of the river Tiger and Euphrates were represented following from a vessel of Aquarius. Legends of many ancient people of a Flood are connected with Aquarius. In Egypt the constellation of Aquarius was observed in days of the maximum flood of Nile.

Fishes came to the Aries

A where a lot of water, there and Fishes. When the Sun swam in in this constellation, there came the time of rich fishing. The goddess of fertility of ancient Phoenicians was represented in the form of the woman with a fish tail which appeared at her and at her son when they, having been frightened of a monster, plunged into the water.