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What does the food differ from snack in?

For centuries of alcoholism are developed many methods of fight against intoxication. First of all, it is necessary... to have a snack. Yes, though it also sounds is banal.

Somehow in zastoyno - table times for one plant arrived with excursion foreigners. Walked on shops, got acquainted with leaders, and then asked to drink waters. Brought them to the automatic machine with aerated water, and all of them povytaskivat coins. Is not present - say to them, - we have free water . Visiting guests marveled, drank waters, and then and ask: And why your mug is chained by a chain? - And, that did not steal - the answer followed. Strange these Russians - tourists said.

In the same way they why it is necessary to be poured by vodka cannot understand to get drunk, and then densely to have a snack not to get drunk. Strange these Russians.

Thank God, for us it is not a riddle. Truly Russian person knows, than the food differs from snack. We like to have a snack under vodka. That it is necessary to have a snack, even children know. The part of alcohol is absorbed by food, and acts in blood not this way soon.

Greasy food greases walls of a stomach and slows down alcohol absorption, and the more slowly it is soaked up, the its smaller quantity reaches a brain. Therefore the preference should be given to fat dishes, sausages, meat, fat.

Perfectly the products possessing sorption properties, for example, of porridge slow down alcohol absorption. It is the best of all to have a snack on boiled potato. It perfectly adsorbs alcohol, absorbs nearly its half.

Sauerkraut is very good. You remember Humpbacked ?

Completely to enjoy all delights of vodka, it should be drunk, plentifully jamming fat and hot hot dishes or cold appetizers. So, the fried pig with horse-radish or just fat with a salty cucumber, marinated mushrooms and sauerkraut is not a whim, but the menu which too is carefully verified for centuries.

As the result of it, speed of processing of ethyl aldehyde in harmless substances is equalized with a speed of its education from alcohol, and intoxication proceeds significantly easier.

As snack often apply sandwiches of various sizes, salads, vinaigrettes, pastes, jellied dishes, jellies, boiled and fried meat and fish, poultry, a game with hot spices and sauces, a various pickles, marinades, and other culinary products. As fine material for preparation of snack serve gastronomic products - cheeses, sausages, canned food, meat and fish smoked products, a herring.

During a feast, from time to time, it is possible to regale on salty nuts, popcorn - all this promotes alcohol neutralization.

If you have a snack on a jelly, a jellied fish or something similar, then your state is even more facilitated because these products contain substance glycine.

And here about an alcohol zapivaniye soft drinks - here opinions are shared. Speed of absorption of alcohol increases when along with it carbon dioxide gets into a stomach. Intoxication in such cases comes quicker. Therefore, on the one hand, soft drinks reduce concentration of alcohol in a stomach. On the other hand, accelerate alcohol absorption a little.

Personally I never puzzle - I drink when I want. What for the sake of I has to suffer from thirst? And that it is not strong to get drunk, I will better reduce an alcohol dose. But I never wash down hard liquors with beer in which it is enough carbon dioxide. In general, it is better not to wash down alcohol at once, and at first to have a snack, chew and swallow, and then to wash down snack. The probability of undesirable intoxication will be less if to drink just water or fruit juice.