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How it is correct to plan the day?

Every day the many people should be influenced by a phenomenon, a name to which - a lack of time. It is explained not only features of perception by the person spatially - the temporary relations, but also density of the loading of the schedule received by division of mass of affairs which are subject to performance, on the volume of time resource which is available at our disposal.

Assistants in rational distribution of time to manage to make everything and, whenever possible, with the smallest expenses, daily logs and similar to them the computer programs urged to make life business and not only people more compact and rationally planned are ready to become (and become). The prospect of career development and success in any area depends on it even often.

However, in order that all - to make the schedule thought most over and, the main thing, functional, is necessary which - what to know. What?

In - the first, it is necessary to realize that planning - not the same, as the real embodiment conceived in life. Speak, you want to make laugh God - tell him about the plans. Therefore to be necessary to be always ready to the fact that even ingeniously developed plan can not lead to the highest take-off on success wings. In - the second, first circumstance has to be perceived by you as the necessary condition leaving the mark on your life, but completely it is hardly worth agreeing to such course of things: ready to failure not to be identical to that nearly purposefully to prepare for it. Overcoming of all obstacles which will be created on your way by a case has to be your purpose anyway.

When planning the principle of the enclosed plans has to be applied. Its essence is reduced conducting drawing up own schedule in the " direction; a long-term outlook - a short-term outlook . So, it is reasonable to decide at first on plans, say, for a year, and then to distribute necessary for performance of the tasks set in annual scale measures on quarters, further - on months, within every month - on weeks etc. Though it does not mean at all that at once it is necessary to undertake planning for the year ahead of all calendar days.

It is obvious that short-term planning can be executed correctly only in case of the accounting of the maximum quantity of all possible factors. For several months, probably, also the clairvoyant will not be able to provide all factors in advance. And if, for example, in the end of the year it is honest to admit to himself own aspirations and expectations for the future 12 months, prior to the beginning of the month which is going to enter the rights - to set the objects and the tasks for these thirty days (taking into account, clear, the plan of higher order - annual), in a weekend - to distribute the actions on seven next few days, and for every day to have more detailed list of affairs, calls, meetings, then here it is possible to see much more acceptable and functional model.

By drawing up the day schedule it is necessary to consider some important aspects, namely: the number of cases, complexity, urgency and urgency of each of them, restrictions on time (when one person when it is possible to call another etc. can agree to a meeting) . Data management by characteristics and placing according to them all that has to be made today has to pursue two main goals - decrease in your expenses (mainly, spatially - temporary that can be shown in the choice of a route of movement on the city for holding meetings with partners so that to reduce total time for the road) and performance of those tasks which you set for yourself.

When planning the actions for day himself needs to try to create a reserve on a case of unforeseen circumstances (we will tell if, by your calculations, on a meeting together with the road one hour leaves, and at your disposal there is bigger time, then it is not necessary to hurry after this meeting end-to-end to put another, and it is possible to provide in the schedule 15 persons on duty minutes on which performance of the previous task can drag on). However, we will repeat: nobody can guarantee successful and smooth movement against one task to another.

Constant life at intensive speed will lead over time to the fact that you learn to be mobile and to estimate the expected unplanned costs in advance, and therefore to make the schedule more skillfully. It will come over time. People study on the mistakes - it speaks well for the fact that it is useful to be mistaken. However, all this is better to think of reduction of quantity of mistakes in advance -. However for this purpose it is necessary to learn one very important rule: put before yourself the ambitious, but real purposes, that is keeping in line with common sense and real laws and circumstances in which we live.

The plan not panacea, but only means to make life osmyslenny