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Why Gogol burned the second volume Dead souls ?

the Question which it is not simple to answer. But to try nobody can forbid. At least because business of the reader - not only to accept. And accepts - what a sin to conceal? - everyone in own way and the. Someone before total loss of mind gets a grasp of the letters left to us by Dante, Shakespeare, Pushkin, Dostoyevsky and other creators from which not to take something - means to find steady feeling that you received less something in the development. Someone will not fail to fall eyes in a network of subject lines, vypletayemy Marinina and Dontsova. And nobody will condemn them though the school teacher also will not praise. The person has the right to choose. Including a rest subject in the literary resort.

Business of the reader - not especially perception. Communication of the writer and reader, being bilateral process, let and with a list towards a unilateral traffic of thoughts, feelings, experiences, has to be considered only from a position of estimated feedback. It is possible to write anything. And to write in order that you read - it means to be ready to response of the people fed by a fruit your spiritual thirst of tomimy soul. And then comes to tell a turn for the reader, automatically turning a literary monologue into dialogue from which wait either very bad, or opportunities to feel at least for a moment unfairly genius of the era who is not recognized hitherto. To our thicket there is the first, and a little later - barefaced the second. Nikolay Vasilyevich Gogol, staying in it is oppressed - a depression in the last days of the life told such fortunes and for the works, and for reputation of as author. And who will penetrate now, except for the people involved in literature professionally or owing to gratuitous interest in this integral part of culture as harmonious whole, in peripetias of the time called the 19th century to answer the question which is taken out in heading of this article, equal which on hopeless rhetoricalness and force of sounding can put so much how many usually contain in the car and the small cart?

If to proceed from the bilateral nature of process of communication of those who create and that for whom create then it is possible to be got involved in serious discussion concerning the right of the author to destroy the works. On the one hand, it (without limiting a community, we can write and it ) created, to it and to dispose of destiny of fruits of the talent. On the other hand, there is a line which once arose and which never appeared before eyes of the person, perhaps, who is not able to be given to the power of a dream waiting for the great Birth which ghost will pursue all generations subsequently in the person of those their representatives for whom something is not indifferent though in this life, not connected with own welfare. The line which opened to the world and right there from this world expelled. A line, which (who knows?) delayed the solution of some problem for several centuries - what now this line?. Illusion, the shattered hope which is given up on a history body emptiness.

Gogol was criticized ruthlessly. If not to consider approved (mainly - without adducing any proof repeated) the truth which is often simply taken for that that by the end of life the classic lost mind on the religious soil (which we also without adducing any proof cannot disprove) and at the same time to make an assumption in favor of special vulnerability of soul of creative people, especially concerning created by them, obviously, growing from the same grain, as instinctive aspiration of mother to preserve always and everywhere the child, then to explain taking into account these assumptions Gogol`s act concerning the second volume Dead souls (according to different data, them sodeyanny not twice, not three times) it is not possible. Everything anyway strives to rest against the wall protecting the identity which is concealed in the identity of the writer from the standard examples of behavior made by the principle as the majority " would arrive;. Yes, criticized and what? If each writer, the composer or the director of morning performance in kindergarten, what would represent a creative heritage of human culture by this moment and whether somebody began to undertake for new, non-standard, earlier not meeting reacted to criticism? Means, still something was added here.

Neponyatost? Perhaps. Besides: how many geniuses were appreciated by their contemporaries, without speaking about mere mortals creators? Here very much the explanation made through a prism of the same partial loss of sensible mind, duplicated both here and there would approach. But it would not be more logical in such conditions to Gogol not to undertake after the first, second, as a last resort the third case of misunderstanding with the reading public of imperial Russia a feather and paper at all? On the contrary, Nikolay Vasilyevich sat down and wrote anew, from a blank sheet. Here just right to express desire to agree that for certain in the writer the nature put thirst for continuous improvement and itself, and the literary skill. Perhaps it was a driving force for using up mountains of paper and subsequently a lot of things from the created writer giving on worry to tongues of flame?

Even if Gogol`s insanity - the myth, then it does not protect us in any way from an opportunity to make the assumption of ability it to irrational attacks. Which of us can tell that each our action always bore the impress of exclusively common sense and preliminary reasonableness? In the power of suddenly arising impulse of people it is capable to create what will remember just intolerable test subsequently.

Dead souls reflected Gogol as the trilogy which subject line, according to literary critics, quite possibly, was under construction the writer in the direction parallel set by a semantic vector hell - a purgatory - paradise . According to it, the first volume can be correlated with hell where the accusing laughter, barefaced satire, frank exposure of defects of society before this society dominate. Together with two others this part had to give society, it is possible to assume, to a peculiar catharsis. Utopianism? Undoubtedly. But how differently the writer - the person could promote a pulling of Russia from a bog, all force (or its most part) which concentrated on a feather tip?

And later it will turn out that he wanted to educate us, but at the last minute decided to regret. And to allow to get to the truth, without shocks and the spiritual explosions surpassing nuclear in the destroying force. There will pass years, decades, centuries - and we will get to the bottom. Let`s come to the earth to see the sun of the inspiration which condescended on us. Inspiration which - as he was afraid - will blind us if the eyes which got used to impenetrable darkness to open instantly to it towards. We are not ready, are not ready.

Speak, he cried over ashes of the fact that he gave to the world. Also took away