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In what sense of feedback and redirections on the way to your purpose?

Practically each of us will surely agree that correctly the goal gives meaning of life of the person, the organization, a family or the state. Many are familiar with method of definition of attainable aims, the considerable part of the people directed to result represents also a way to the planned state. We draw some kind of card of a way from today`s reality to the ideal future - but soon we find out that the card does not help .

The planned road to the purpose not necessarily has to coincide with the fact that we will pass actually. to this statement I received a clear proof in March of this year, making flight from Atlanta to Moscow. We were faced by absolutely definite purpose - a successful landing at the " airport; Sheremetyevo - 2 in time specified in the schedule. Sitting in the plane, we could observe the electronic map of Earth with the laid planned route. Everything was ideally planned - time of a departure and arrival, a transit. But whether it that something went not so is possible?

As a rule, the situation exceeds the limit of the parameters planned by us . So, in our case there was a failure of system of sealing of salon - from the very beginning of achievement of the purpose we had to be late at the airport for three hours. When the board with tired passengers at last came off the earth, the pictogram with the image of the plane on the electronic card of the beginning the movement in the opposite direction from designated in respect of the direction. We actually flew to the opposite side! After commission of maneuvers our plane everything is began the movement on the drawn route. But if to look very attentively, then it was possible to notice that we constantly deviate the planned way - and constantly we come back to the initial purpose. Actually, to pilots everything was necessary to change - both the direction of the movement, and speed - but they achieved the. We concerned the Moscow earth with delay four minutes.

What conclusions can be drawn from this history? First of all, even having the good purpose and the magnificent plan of its achievement, it is not necessary to exclude completely a possibility of its change . Anyway, deviations from the planned way are almost inevitable. Also correct the behavior not only pilots of planes - torpedoes try to improve a route of the following in every second to a meeting with the ship, birds change a route to the southern countries, our organism carries out various reactions depending on temperature or pressure. It is not necessary to refuse a goal at any failure - having even wasted time or moving away from the planned result, at due countermeasures, you remain capable to reach what was planned. On the way to the purpose it is necessary to show the maximum flexibility , to try to assess anew a situation after each taken step and to update the action plan. Then you can be sure that you will come there where wanted.

Happy flight to your dreams!