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What it... Happiness of

Optimistic dream of the person - to become happy.

Usually, individuals with beggarly philosophy about it categorically claim that happiness in grandmas, belongings property.

Ya is sure that the main reason for discontent with and people around, depressions, irritability, moods and aggressions is dirty conscience of the person, or - the envy caused by greed or - an otioseness.

One of the main prerequisites of human happiness is decency of the person and, as a result, - presence at it of a clear conscience.

By the way, without existence of a clear conscience, - not to see to you, children, happiness unless, during short moments of our swift-flowing life. we Will tell

, in the pay-day of the husband, or - when you managed to snatch che - a thread fat .

Whether many of us can brag of existence of a clear conscience or decency in the relations, and, especially, to dare to have them?

Here also it turns out that, as a rule, only for this simple reason many unfortunate, as a rule, on to own desire - losers, are tormented and - from - for envy, for the sake of discharges or sports interest flatten others, often, innocent, even without suspecting that is the main reason for their sincere unbalance.

Even with professional abilities - to smother, at the necessary moments, own uninvited conscience - are tormented.

A secret of human happiness - to become the independent and decent person with a clear conscience.

of Other ways fortunately you can not look for - their not sou - a pole - vu - et.

Object - Monica?

you can not trust me, but even this the cleverest and provident a feature does not feel happy, - Monica can only dream of happiness as the Old woman with a trough full of holes by the most blue sea.

Such inevitably overtake disappointments, irritability depressions, and even a suicide.

Happy people in the majority are capable without - a cart - Meuse - a bottom to give happiness to others, to be on friendly terms, have and to find new friends, same decent, as well as they to which they, usually, belong, at least, - not worse, than friends to them.

Think, brothers, solve, brothers, - to have or not to have!