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How to choose the dishwasher? The Average family of 4 people spends

for a manual sink of ware about 200 hours a year. When you wash the dishes, your nails and skin of hands are exposed to negative impact of hot water and detergents. So, you decided? The right choice as the dishwasher not only remarkably copes with washing of dirty ware, but also improves the psychological atmosphere in a family: between family members there are no disputes to whom this dirty work is necessary today.

Some more arguments in favor of this equipment:

• The Ware at a sink in the car is exempted not only from dirt, but also from microbes

• It saves about 7 800 liters of water a year (if to compare an expense on a manual sink of ware for a family of 4 people) of

• It is capable to wash not only the dishes, but also baking sheets, crystal and glass vases, removable details of stoves and refrigerators, lattices of ventilation

of Model of dishwashers differ among themselves in the sizes, functions, sink productivity, operational indicators and cost.

Surely, at the choice of such equipment to clear a question whether this model is adapted to the Russian service conditions (whether there is a steady protection against differences of tension).

The next moment at the choice - these are the most important for you characteristics: convenience of use, reliability, safety and durability (and only then it is necessary to pay attention to model brand).

Optimum model (for a family from 4 - x and more people) - car of the standard sizes of 606085 cm (width x depth x height). It is calculated on a sink 12 - 14 sets of ware. Its pluses - the maximum productivity, big set of additional functions, ideal blocking with other standard kitchen equipment.

Narrower models (456085 cm) are calculated on 8 - 9 sets. Pluses - quality of a sink does not concede to cars of the standard sizes, the low cost (is 10 - 15% cheaper than standard), its productivity is sufficient for a family of 3 - 4 people, economy of the place in small-sized apartments, an opportunity to build in a united front with other kitchen equipment.

Desktop cars (455545 cm) are calculated only on 4 sets of ware. Plus - an opportunity to build in a hinged kitchen case, an opportunity to put on a table, much lower price, they are ideal for bachelors, pensioners, families of 2 people, it is possible to transport on the dacha. Minuses - are less economic, quality of a sink is lower, than at stationary.

There is a class of elite &ndash dishwashers; they are the most expensive. As a rule, these cars which are built in (an opportunity to create unique design, almost individual). Some models of this class have protection against a radio noise (when you speak by phone or you watch TV, hindrances will not be).

Now in more detail.

by In - the first , it is necessary to be defined what of features which are offered by producers, are necessary for you:

1. Screw &ndash support; they level position of the dishwasher even at noticeable roughnesses of a floor.

2. Fixing of a door - by means of this opportunity, you can choose the most comfortable position of a door which will not disturb when loading ware.

3. Adjustment of height of installation of a basket (and also possibility of its extraction) - it will allow to wash large-size objects (trellised regiments of refrigerators).

4. The developing and removable holders - possibility of a sink of the smallest objects (shot glass, pile).

5. Baskets for knives - safety when loading and unloading sharp objects.

6. Self-cleaning &ndash filter; economy of water due to its repeated clarification and further use.

7. Internal lighting of the &ndash camera; simplification of sorting and loading of ware.

In - the second , define as far as these or those modes and functions will be demanded:

1. Economy mode - washing of ware of average impurity at a temperature of 55 degrees.

2. Fast &ndash mode; washing of the low-polluted ware, saves up to 20% of water and the electric power

3. Intensive &ndash mode; washing of silnozagryaznenny ware at a temperature of 65 - 75 degrees.

4. Mode of preliminary soaking - for preparation for washing of ware with the dried-up food remains.

5. Mode of a delicate sink - for washing of fragile ware at water temperature about 30 degrees.

6. « function; inclusion delay - allows to set sink time, having delayed it from 1 to 24 hours.

7. « mode; half loading - for washing of a small amount of ware, allows to save water, detergent and the electric power.

8. « mode; variable sink - cuts a water consumption approximately for 25% and increases purity of ware; works as follows: in one basket there is an intensive sink of ware, in another the ware otmachivatsya in detergent solution.

9. « mode; heating of ware - warms up ware upon completion of all main programs of a sink that its temperature was pleasant to hands.

B - the third , it is necessary to choose type of management:

1. Electromechanical type of management - you operate operating modes by means of buttons (or keys) inclusions / switching off and regulators of the choice of programs of a sink and additional functions. Buttons are located on the forward panel of the case of the car.

2. Automatic electronic type of management - the easiest way of management, by means of teams is set the mode of a sink, rinsing and drying, time of the beginning of a sink, then by means of the « team; Start-up installations are activated.

The cost of the dishwasher is determined by prestige of brand, and also novelty of design and so-called frills . As a rule, the price of novelties is usually higher, than on cars which showed high consumer qualities and are well-known. And mostly technical characteristics do not play a large role in pricing. For this reason it is necessary to know as much as possible about such characteristics (to buy the car which answers the majority of your requirements, at rather small price).

So, treat the main characteristics: maximum loading of sets of ware, consumption of water and electric power, efficiency of a sink and drying, noise level.

The maximum loading of sets of ware determines model productivity. But here it is important to remember that incomplete loading increases a consumption of water, detergent, the electric power; therefore choose model which has an indicator of the maximum loading, optimum for you, but not by the principle the more the better . If not really there is a lot of options, be convinced that the model has a function of half loading which will allow the car to work in economy mode.

As far as the car is economic, shows water consumption parameter. The less it is required on a water sink, the detergents and energy are spent less. The most part of dishwashers consumes on one cycle of a sink 17 - 20 liters (at the water temperature of 60 - 65 degrees), high-economic models consume 14 - 16 liters, uneconomical about 26 liters. It matters if you have a water counter.

By criterion of electricity consumption of the car are subdivided into 7 classes of profitability. Each class is designated by letters of the Latin alphabet (from A to G). The class is lower, the energy consumption is higher: classes A, B and S - high profitability, classes D and E - average profitability, F and G - extremely low profitability (its absence).

The indicator of efficiency of a sink is also subdivided into classes which are designated by letters of the Latin alphabet (from A to G). Here the higher a class, the sink is more qualitative (the price, respectively, too higher). The most high-quality washing is provided by class A dishwashers. Quality of a sink is influenced by hardness of water (it also influences durability of the car). To abolish this factor, it is necessary to apply the special means urged to soften water. But (especially if you live in the region where the increased hardness of water are observed) existence of the indicator which indicates hardness of water and shows when it is necessary to fill up a means stock for softening of water will be important parameter.

Some impact on quality of a sink is exerted by final operations of rinsing and drying. For this reason in the car capacity is necessary for a conditioner, it will minimize the remains of detergents lingering on a ware surface, will add to ware gloss (especially it important for transparent ware) and a pleasant smell, and also will clean damp begin to flow also muddy spots.

About efficiency of drying it is also possible to judge by classes (from A to G). The highest class of drying - a class A, it provides compulsory drying with hot air by means of the fan. Are also effective drying due to accumulation of heat and drying due to condensation without emission of vapors of water (lower classes).

Many models are equipped with the device which cuts off power the car in case of opening of a door during its work. Also there can be a blocking lock which interferes with opening of a door of the working car (in case you have small children). If your car has a multistage protection against leakages and a modulation, you can not worry that you will arrange to the neighbors flood .

Noise level which is published by the car during the work is measured in decibels. Quiet cars have sound level 35 - 48 dB (it is comparable with a low whisper), the average level of noise - 49 - 55 dB. Remember that sound level will stir over 55 dB conversation. Arrangement (more precisely, its correctness) ware, and also quality of installation of the machine can influence noise level.

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