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The journalist - it sounds is proud?

For those who else dream to become a journalist I have two news: good and bad.

Bad: it is hard and ungrateful work. You always at work: even if you stay at home or you go down the street, your thoughts turn around unwritten articles and not interviewed, your ears catch information, you try to discover eyes something, capable to prompt you idea

you endure such creative torments as though you conceived to write the novel of a century - and is not present, it is only the reporting in the newspaper or a plot for morning news. You did not sleep night, trying to represent something on paper, or stayed till the morning in the Internet, trying to discover the facts, or spent the whole day with the operator from one shooting on another, you hardly created the great work and already you are scolded by the editor for the fact that you handed over IT at the wrong time.

But even if the editor is favorable and the product of your creativity gets on a strip or airs - the fact that? What will change? What exactly will this achieve? Only the minute satisfaction from the performed work - will also right there be made a fresh start: both search, and torments, and a vigil behind the monitor, and haste, and nerves, and

A now - good news: you fall in love with it to do. You cannot present the life without this surprising work where you meet every day new people where there is always a food for mind and pleasure of a victory: over a situation and over by itself.

This profession seldom brings very big money, but never leaves without piece of bread. It is difficult to much to feel a side between an earning and bribability. Two-three of invited papers: somewhere podsochinit, somewhere placed accents how asked, it seems - well that special? And then it is found out that you already and not the journalist at all - and the hired worker from the sphere of political services. Foam which easily takes down the next wave. And a name at you, and creativity - one shame.

This profession seldom does people rather well-known, but never leaves in a shadow. Here you published the first note - and right there a call to edition: it appears, one of readers took offense, you were too sharp in the estimates and trod on his corns You get used to live with awareness of the publicity. To me, for example, before I began to work on air, appear, that the famous TV hosts have no private life: they under control of thousands of eyes and it is awful!

Now, easily recognized by many people, I feel in the city very comfortably - as in a big communal flat where any person by the way can tell you all the life and it not tediousness, but a trust sign.

The journalistic success is, first of all, ability to gain trust. People begin to trust you and, trusting - tell. So exclusive interviews are born and transfers with which it is not a shame are born.

This profession which learns to listen and hear, look and see, it aggravates your feelings for work, but does you deaf, blind and mute captain of distant swimming for relatives. You there is no house, parents cannot count upon you - all of you will equally forget or will not manage to make what they ask. Your children get used since childhood to independence and reproach you for an inattention to their affairs.

Husbands do not maintain and leave, wives row. Journalists and journalists, as circus which have all life on the arena are forced to marry the friend the friend, hoping that this union will bring understanding. Nothing similar, to creative people to get on together even more difficultly.

This profession in which everything is illusory and momentary: today it is important, and tomorrow - it is depreciated, today looks truthful, and tomorrow it can be lie. Today you are recognized and esteemed - tomorrow are forgotten. To it it is necessary to be ready. To distinguish external tinsel from deep and rather valuable.

For me the real value of a profession is shown when the word comes to an end with business: described someone`s trouble in the newspaper - and the person was helped. Correctly analysed a difficult situation - and it was resolved. Happens surprising: suddenly you meet people to whom your some movies or transfers helped to change life. You do not know this person, but suddenly learn that you were for him very important adviser, even the friend.

And it is so significant that all the rest - the trifle and wants to continue to go about the own business. Illusory, momentary But very necessary. And it - heats.