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Than mother Theresa was remembered to people?

ceased to fight on September 5, 1997 heart of the woman who devoted life to business of service to people. It is about Agnes Gondzhe Boyadzhiu who is known around the world under other name - mother Theresa. To it sufferers turned the prayers, asked her about rescue, and it, according to the lights, and often, over them, presented all with both a prayer, and a smile, and sometimes and just participation.

It was born on August 27, 1910 in the capital of present Macedonia Skopje, the city where the Turkish heritage still is very much felt. Narrow curve small streets, minarets of mosques, motley east market from which the whole day loud guttural sounds are distributed. Agnes Boyadzhiu was a younger, third child of wealthy parents. Her father first supplied doctors of Skopje with drugs, and then resold the goods brought from Italy.

Most of residents of Skopje were Muslims, unlike Boyadzhiu which professed Christianity, Catholic belief. The miscellaneous happened - sometimes and oppressed, but mother, telling about what persecution the first Christians suffered, always taught the younger daughter: for belief it is possible and to suffer. Agnes early began to visit church and when slightly grew up - began to sing in church choir.

God needed to make so that the girl, absolutely young went far from the native earth - to the Indian city of Calcutta. It then did not execute also 14 years. Together with group of Catholics she visited this huge, but very poor city, and this first trip, in fact, became the girl defining in life.

Having come back home, Agnes reconsidered a lot of things in the life. And here the sudden death of the father still scarred. Then the girl resolved - to devote herself to service to God. And three years later asked a maternal favoring on going to Calcutta and exactly there to serve as belief and the truth as it was expressed To the King of all . The brother counted this rush as a whim, the sister remained with mother.

As the girl at one time dreamed to become a writer, she went to India the correspondent of the Zagreb newspaper Catholic mission previously gains two months in the Catholic monastery in England where learned English for the best contact with Indians (India was then under the British crown). In the monastery she refused an old name and took new - the sister Theresa. Having accepted a monkhood several years later, she began to be called mother Theresa.

There is no sense to describe all those miracles which during all life happened to it throughout all her long life. I will stop only on some of them. Once, when Calcutta after a flood was overflowed by a wave hungry, and mother Theresa and sisters made a lunch on seven thousand people, products came to an end. For the next day charity was cancelled. Also classes at schools were suddenly cancelled. And from school cafeterias got all bread

starving One more fact: once mother Theresa puzzled where to her to get 50000 rupees to create orphanage in the city of Agra. All opportunities were exhausted, and phone call was distributed here. The unfamiliar voice reported that to mother Theresa a certain Philippine award Magsaysay Prise is awarded. Just there is slightly more necessary sum.

And how many time after its trips and prayers in hot spots planets opponents suddenly, it seems, found reason, calling a truce!

But, perhaps, the most important miracle which was presented to India by mother Theresa it is creation mobile a lepropoliklinik. The people suffering from leprosy had a real opportunity to struggle with this infection, and earlier local doctors did not pay exactly any attention to this sore, considering that it is payment for committed sins

to Communicate to mother Theresa esteemed for honor not only simple people, but also the powers that be. She repeatedly talked with Roman the Father (for her life on the Holy See not one generation of high priests was replaced), the princess Diana and George Bush admired it, she was appreciated and respected by Fidel Castro and Deng Xiaoping.

And with all of them she behaved just as with the unknown Calcutta poor brought to her House of dying. In thirty six years Theresa based a new religious award for care of patients and the dying inhabitants of slums, education of street children, cares about begging, granting a shelter to left. Since then it always appeared where tragedies were developed.

Sister of mercy. Its best sample not only the XX centuries, but also all times from creation of the world. Mother Teresa to the last gasp gave herself to people. Her heart stopped on 88 - m to year of life.

Each person has problems. The grief, the unrealizable dreams. And when life seems absolutely black, it is useful to re-read lines which were written once by mother Theresa. These words need to be learned by heart.

Life is a chance, do not miss it. Life - this beauty, be surprised to it. Life is a dream, carry out it. Life is a debt, execute it. Life is a game, so play! Life is a love, so love. Life is a secret, solve it. Life is a tragedy, stand her. Life is an adventure, decide on it. Life is life, rescue it! Life is happiness, create him. It is worth living. Do not destroy the life!