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How one dollar to turn into one billion? A lesson 3 for the beginning billionaires.

Wealth are when big results are achieved by small investments and efforts.

Poverty is when big investments and efforts yield insignificant result.

(Dzhorzh David, one of the highest paid doctors of America.)


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I will begin, as always, from far away.

You sometime saw an avalanche in mountains? Well, at least on the TV? Saw, of course! The show is fantastic. Soft snow it seems and that does! What power, what There are not enough words. Generally, you understand me.

And now answer the second question.

You saw how the avalanche begins? Is not present? I want to please you. It was seen practically by nobody. Because the small stone, the broken-away icicle or just shift of snow layers can cause an avalanche. Generally, absolutely insignificant reason brings huge, just fantastic forces to life!

But, allow to what it I?

And here, to what.

Open the purse. Who has no purse, feel in the pocket, a box or a bedside table. Get from there a banknote of the smallest advantage which you will find.

Billion dollars can be compared to the monetary avalanche which is sweeping away all obstacles in the way. And I will tell about how to cause this avalanche by means of a piece of paper which you hold in hand I to you now.

For descriptive reasons I will use the note of one American dollar. Simply for dollar I have all calculations which I will give below.

So, suppose, you hold in hand the note of one dollar, or any other. No matter. Tell that in it such special? Look narrowly, sniff. You can even taste. Look at it through a strong magnifying glass. Microfont, watermarks Well, nothing was found? Anything special. Ordinary multi-colored piece of paper.

Here not!

You have in hands a sunflower seed of a monetary tree. It can grow both in one thousand, and in one million, and in one billion, and even more dollars!

You do not trust? And let`s count, dear future billionaires.

If to keep this dollar of the house in a bedside table or under a mattress, then nothing, of course, will happen to this piece of paper. Only the course can raise, or inflation will eat it. Well, as grain on an elevator. And here if we begin to invest this dollar under percent, and not to take away percent on essential are necessary, and again to put, then the picture changes considerably!

You look, for how many years one dollar turns into one million (so far in pathetic one million) if to enclose it under some percent.

Percent Years

of 3% 486 years;

10% are 145 years old;

20% are 75 years old.

However, so far this dollar lies before you, and any growth is impossible.

I know what you think now of. Whole 75 years! In our country lives scanty percent of the population up to this age. And me already for You can spend this dollar right now. For 1 dollar it is possible to buy a small bottle of good beer, a chocolate (big), two packs of cigarettes Yes there is a lot of everything.

However, let`s read up article up to the end, and then we will decide what to do with this multi-colored piece of paper.

Tell, your family could (let purely hypothetically) to lay about 30 dollars a month (on one dollar a day) for a certain account? Every day, on weekdays, holidays, output - 365 days in a year. If to make so, then the picture changes cardinally! So, daily invested dollar turns into one million for:

Percent Years

of 3% 147 years;

10% are 56 years old;

20% are 32 years old.

Having opened at birthday of the child the investment account under 20% per annum (that is quite real, some branch mutual funds showed in 2006 profitability more than 40% per annum), and putting in this respect only a dollar a day, in 32 years you would make him the millionaire. Dollar!

Quite so wise Japanese arrive. The majority of investment accounts in the Land of the rising sun open in day obtaining the birth certificate of the child. Even one day idle time will turn back huge financial losses in the future!

But that to us one million! Give one billion to us!

So, investing 1 dollar every day under 20% per annum, you receive one billion everything in 66 years. Having cut down the requirements on only one small bottle of beer a day, you can really become a billionaire!

And if, having begun with dollar, you increase a contribution to two, five, ten, hundred dollars a day? Presently high technologies it will take you no more than 10 minutes a day, and most likely, much less!

I think, after these facts you any more will never trifle even of one banknote. This sunflower seed from a monetary tree which fructifies in millions and if to wait, and billions of dollars.

And, having spent only one banknote, you will just kill this tree!

Think, and can is not necessary?

Be continued.