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Achievements - whether are capable you of them?

Setting before itself some purpose, we often face the same reef - internal doubts in whether we are capable of achievement of this purpose. Doubts can wait for us irrespective of a look or the importance of result which we seek to reach. Someone can be torn to hundred push-ups, and someone to the monthly income in twenty thousand dollars - uncertainty in own forces is capable to stop both the first, and the second. Let`s think how precisely to understand whether we will achieve the planned result?

In the book Eighth skill: From efficiency to greatness the American expert in the field of management and the vital principles Stephen Kovi advises us to break the answer to this question to three components. Such recommendation proceeds from idea that each person represents set of own values, motives and abilities.

Following Kovi`s approach, it is necessary, in - the first, to wonder, whether to you should achieve the potential objectives. Reflections about it will help to define whether there corresponds the objective to your valuable installations. If you understand that you try to be engaged in in what you should not be engaged, then, quite perhaps, will be able to refuse attempts of career development in the company which is engaged in activity alien to you, or will understand that own business is not necessary to you. Having ignored a conscience voice, we can doom ourselves to lifelong aspiration to what contradicts our internal nature - such aspiration will never end with success.

The second question consists in whether you want achievement of the purpose on which you reflect. It is quite possible that the voice of conscience approves your choice, but heart does not want to go on the way of its achievement. A question of desire to achieve the objectives - attempt to estimate own motives. It is obvious that in the world there is a set of things which we should do, but there is no wish at all - for someone it can be charging, and for another payment of taxes. If motives disperse from valuable installations, try to go beyond old perception of reality. Perhaps, your desire will inflame as the smoldering fire watered with gasoline if you present regular physical exercises not as daily useless expenditure of two hours and as an opportunity to live several years more. And payment of taxes can be estimated not as a vykidyvaniye of money at a recycle bin and as investments into the future of own children. Only after you came to positive conclusion on the second question, pass to the last stage of an assessment of the purpose.

In conclusion wonder whether you have ability for the planned achievement. Even if today answer is not present - it is simpler to correct this situation, than if the negative answer is on the first two questions. Someone has not enough knowledge and abilities - at your disposal a huge number of educational institutions and books. Adopting experience in the interesting sphere, you will very quickly feel that you become in it a professional. If you think that you are incapable of something from - for early age, then remember that twenty-six-year-old Alexander the Great already subdued all the known then lands. Those who is stopped by old age should think of Louis Pasteur, in sixty created a rage vaccine.

Having received three affirmative answers, safely go to the purpose!