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What horrors frighten off people from the opera?

Opera!. Someone, having heard this word, will imagine the magnificent auditorium, mysteriously dying away light, a wave of a magic wand of the conductor, sounds of surprising music and divine voices. Someone, perhaps, will remember the browser of the same name. And will throw someone into a shiver for horror, and flatter for the opera epithets will begin to rush indignantly in the head: the pier, the opera is shouts squeals abstruse plaints melancholy mortal - as far as who will have enough imagination and a lexicon.

The opera is the theater, poetry, painting, dance, singing, music and other art forms which are harmoniously merged together and joint forces the unusual emotions forcing the listener - the viewer to worry.

Those who love the opera are happy it. And those who do not love? Most likely, they just do not understand it or are afraid. But whether so everything is terrible actually? Let`s consider one after another the most popular horrors frightening off people from the opera.

Horror No. 1: long

That can frighten the unsophisticated opera viewer first of all, so is prospect spend alone with Her Majesty the Opera, terrible and awful, several long hours. It is impossible to talk (neighbors - music lovers will be dissatisfied). Phone cannot use (not only neighbors, but also probably actors will be already dissatisfied here). The sentence is severe: sit, look and listen.

Are not sure that last long? You should not despond: actors need rest, scenery should be changed, the buffet is eager to treat the guests. Therefore it is possible not to be afraid of long tortures: breaks everything are will be.

Horror No. 2: there is a wish to sleep

to Sit out several hours and to listen to the opera completely in total - it is possible. But there is other problem: how not to fall asleep at midpoint of development of the drama? Really, in the dark hall, under music and if you still, besides, were tired at work or did not sleep last night, - can quite pull in a dream.

Council is simple: it is necessary to go to opera theater on days off, having well had a rest and having slept.

Horror No. 3: sing unclear

the First reason of this problem - not really good diction of performers. And if the person did not get used to opera singing, then it is quite possible that it will be difficult for it to understand about what sing even if the performance goes in his native language. This problem is solved over time: ears get used to the specific speech of opera heroes, and it becomes easier to understand their talk. And if by heart to learn all arias, the problem in general self-destructs.

The second reason of unclear singing - unfamiliar language. Performance of operas in original language is a universal practice of large theaters, but all - in the others foreign operas are quite often staged in the translation. And if you do not know foreign languages, choose for yourself statements on native.

Certainly, it is necessary to remember that the text in the opera - not the main thing. He only helps to understand what music speaks about. And for interpretation of unclear contents there are bukletik with the short libretto.

Horror No. 4: looks improbably

They say that the opera - the only place in the world where the hero, having been hit blow a dagger in a back, begins to sing instead of bleeding profusely . Such turns of a plot surprise for want of habit a little. But discrepancy between appearance of the performer and image of the hero usually is stronger surprising to the audience. It when as young heroines we see more than mature ladies, and as young and dexterous knights - big and not really agile men.

It is necessary to treat it with understanding. Here the imagination which easily can draw everything as you want will come to the rescue.

Horror No. 5: direction

Someone is horrified by tricks of modern opera directors. Someone is bored, on the contrary, by classical statements. But this problem - at all not a problem. It is just necessary to define precisely what personally you want and what there is no wish for. The rest - business of the choice which is extraordinary big presently.

Her Majesty the Opera - the lady generous. It can give rich food to mind and heart, to ennoble over daily occurrence and to inspire on feats; but it needs active (!) listeners who want and are able to understand and feel the most important, without being distracted by conventions of a genre. And, perhaps, for this reason it is difficult for the modern consumer of information who got used to all ready to understand beauty and a charm of this art form.

It would be self-confident to believe that all people can fall in love with the opera. Of course, no. But be inquisitive, listen to the heart, be afraid of nothing also what you are capable to fall in love with, sooner or later will find you!