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You do not know how to make a photo it is better?

of Many people are attracted by the art of photography. But it not only beautiful pictures which are always pleasing to the eye. In their depth the great secret is concealed. And it always set of emotions: pleasure, euphoria, admiration, surprise, grief The feelings caused by this or that picture do it attractive.

You already have a good chamber, you studied all its characteristics, remove in due form, but the photo is not pleasant to you? In that case this article for you.

Landscape. It is my favourite genre a photo. Here, probably, the most important to use the rule of the " program; Be Your Own Producer . Always you remember these gold words: I always with myself take a video camera . In our case, of course, not video - and a photo-. Remember how many times you saw a beautiful decline against which storks peacefully flew, and you had near at hand no camera? Aha, remembered? It was hard this minute, the truth? Then I most of all wanted to fail under the earth. Not to see either a decline, or the camera. And it would be the easiest. Now I try not to leave a chamber in general.

When shooting landscapes you remember one more rule. The line of the horizon should not be located in the middle of a picture. If you violate this rule, your photos will look improbably, the line of the horizon will distract an eye. Thus, people will not be able to understand your idea, and an eye will not look regarding, being the main thing in your picture.

And to concentrate attention of people on this subject, approximately divide the camera view-finder two horizontal and two vertical lines. The point of intersection of these lines is a focal point. It is necessary to consider also that two points will give more balanced composition on the right. The matter is that usually we consider a photo from left to right. Therefore it is better to examine all photo, and then to focus attention on something one.

Portrait. a lot of things depend On the photographer here. From - for one unsuccessful a picture of people can decide that it will turn out also in all photos. Try to emphasize all the most beautiful that your model has and to hide its shortcomings. Here you have to be a psychologist. Prepare jokes which will be able to amuse model. Try to avoid photos on the passport where the person does not express any emotions. Emotions have to be present always. Any. From grief to happiness.

In portraiture there are no restrictions. You can remove the person doing favorite thing. Such photos look simply and easy draw attention.

Try that nothing superfluous got into the shot. The background should not distract too.

Best of all put the person in a floor - a turn and on a " belt;. So the model looks most attractively.

To remove only the person it is necessary to be able too. Hands can decorate a portrait very well. Try to experiment. Be not afraid of it.

And here to the utmost it is difficult to make a portrait. It is necessary to manage not to cut off model, and at the same time the person is good to take, trying that it did not look too small.

Shooting of children. I very much like to remove Kids. It is very interesting and rather simple. Children are ready to pose for the camera that very facilitates work. But sometimes it bothers them. Then try to play with the child, to present him a new toy. He very much will be delighted, do not miss this moment. But if you do not want to see on a photo of ridiculous baby dolls with the big heads, do not remove a wide-angle lens.

Shooting of holidays. Here to you should be both the psychologist, and the clown at the same time. It is better to do the general photo at the beginning of a party when all assembled and is able. You do not stint shots. It is more than shots - more choice. Try to amuse crowd. But know that all is so known that no birdie from the camera will take off. Prepare couple of jokes better, tell a joke.

Try to seize the most interesting opportunities of a holiday. Interesting photos turn out when people do not notice you and a chamber in your hands.

Shooting of a wedding. the Wedding - very important point in life of young people. It happens (most often) only once in life. Therefore to remove it - work responsible.

At a wedding do not forget about close ups. Remove flowers by the groom`s car. Try to approach shooting unconventionally, for example, remove reflection of the wedding car in a pool.

The most important is a ceremony in the REGISTRY OFFICE. Remove guests in a lobby in a waiting time. Here you need to be imperceptible. So the photo turns out more interestingly. Try to enter the hall before all. You can photograph as newlyweds enter the hall.

Before shooting warn young people that they did everything not so quickly, raised the head at a list. But all - do not hope for anything. They in the head will have not a photoshoot. Do not forget about close ups, remove wedding rings. Photograph everything that is interesting. In an award you receive excellent pictures.

It was only the trifle of councils. I hope, they will help you. But always you remember that non-standard approach in the world of the photo is very much appreciated. Analyze the photos, try to understand why you like this picture. Be not afraid to be mistaken! For mistakes do not beat! Good luck!