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How quickly to finish with hanging affairs?

Many asked a question: How at last to deal with a set hanging on me put? . The answer can seem very simple - to eliminate on one each of the collected affairs.

Use of an organizer helped already millions of people to plan the day so that to execute everything and at once. But what to do to those to whom the same organizer a little than helps at whom plans change as promptly how day and night?

For this group of people very original way to cope with such problem was thought up. Is called - Equipment Stikersov. Stikersa - small self-adhesive leaflets, you often could observe such, for example, on monitors at programmers. And what with them to do? And here I will tell in more detail.

Hanging affairs are called those affairs which hung on you dead freight, and usually there is no time to deal with them. Later just forget about them, and remember at the most inappropriate moment. But methods of fight against them are! And for a start we will designate your affairs as it is valid hanging .

We take stikers, it is better pleasant softly - yellow color, and we write down one business. Let`s allow To Clean up in the room or To Learn 20 English words . And then we hang up where - nibud on a foreground. It is better to use that place in the apartment where you spend the most part of the time. These small leaflets will constantly remind of themselves and affairs which wait for you.

Executed one business - the leaflet is removed. I congratulate, you performed one task, exempted yourself though on slightly - slightly from pressure of outstanding affairs! A trifle, and it is pleasant.

What to do with the removed leaflet? It is possible just to throw out and forget about it. And it is possible to put stikersa in a box and to think up the whole system with possible encouragement of of darling.

Is admissible:

1 business - 1 point.

of 10 points - 1 step.

of 10 steps - 1 level.

of 10 levels - 1 Dan.
, let us assume, itself can buy by

For each level deserved ice cream or to go to the cinema. Further everything is limited only to your imagination.

Finally. The equipment really works, affairs become less, and you already with easier head get up in the mornings. By means of this equipment it is possible to organize himself both on learning of foreign language, and on increase of the knowledge that later by all means will help with career. Dare also progress to you!