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What do we know about the author of the IQ test?

on September 4, 1997, 10 years ago a brain died 81 from cancer - summer Hans Juergen Eisenk. If to ask offhand almost any person who is such? - the answer will be eloquent: pozhimaniye shoulders. And, when to change a question: Whether you Know what is the IQ test? - the rare person will hear about it for the first time. And Hans Juergen Eisenk just is also an inventor of this entertaining test.

He was born in an actor`s family on March 4, 1916. His father was star comedy movies, and mother liked silent cinema more, in any case, in it the audience could estimate her beauty, but not depth of thought.

Since young years Hans very much was fond traditional the German gymnastics, and by 18 years turned into the real athlete: broad shoulders, and so strong fingers that it could unbend horseshoes.

However, life of the young man could break right after coming to power of the Fuhrer.

Once all their school ran to listen to the next performance of Hitler. Most of guys and girls listened to the leader with the opened mouths, and Hans threw only shortly - contemptuous: Clown . And right there near it it was drawn class monitor: It you about Hitler? . And about whom else? - Eisenk grinned. It to you will not be in vain! - the head promised.

Caught for Hans on a schoolyard on the same day. But two, three and even dozens of persons interested to give a dressing down to the best tennis player of school, it appeared obviously a little. On Eisenk not less than two tens guys pulled hard. In half an hour his face began to remind an old punching bag with a set of dents from direct shots. But spitting out blood through the beaten-out teeth, Hans only smiled: All right, children, during a today life does not come to an end

Already next day the guy caught the yesterday`s offenders and beat, beat, beat. The quantity of shiners that day exceeded two dozens. And here Eisenk broke to nobody jaws, this already penal business. Scandal managed to be hushed up with great difficulty: the stepfather, the famous director, involved all the communications

A in half a year young Hans without effort entered the Berlin university, on faculty of philosophy. But he was worn out hints soon on the fact that, it would be quite good to enter CC, from him - that fast career would be provided with physical data and a lucid mind

But life disposed differently. Began to look sideways at the stepfather who was Jew. And it is even more, the become impudent youths demanded that he within 24 hours left great Germany. Hans found for swells and even, as usual, punched to them noses. But it was called for questioning in police, and he understood: with these children of porridge you will not weld, all the same doklyut.

So the family appeared at first in France, then in England where Eisenk suddenly decided to train for a new profession from the philosopher in the scientist. So it got to psychology. Also ended a course not only with the diploma with honors, but also with strong belief that now - that it will precisely take God for a beard - the professorate was not tired to admire the talented pupil, recognizing however that knowledge lacks it a little, but language is suspended so that to it it is possible to cling safely the loaded dump truck - will sustain!

Where the young psychologist moved?! It is natural, home, to prove to those who poisoned it earlier that they in comparison with it as frogs against a bull. And Germany raged at this time: someone accepted National - socialist ideas, others denied them, the country was occupied, on the one hand, by talk on the Aryan and non Aryan nation, mysticism, with another - a terror wave against the own people.

Strangely enough, but Eisenk felt in this turmoil, as in the plate. It was pleasant to it when visitors of student`s club or public society listened having opened a mouth to his reasonings on what is intelligence and what it is eaten with, believed that dexterously made horoscope is capable to avert any trouble that it is enough to measure a skull and it will become right there obvious, the person and how many he needs to make steps to become the millionaire is how talented.

Hans was heated in these beams of general adoration and, as always, went too far. It knurled horoscopes practically also dispatched to all top of fascist Germany them to destination. From these tables of destinies left that the country walks a little not there. But all attempts of Eisenk to correct the course of history ended with failure. And even individual astrological cards if they do not refuse violence policy, changed nothing to Goebbels and Himmler where he directly specified to bonzes of a Reich that they are waited by the terrible end. On the contrary, to a petrel of the nation it is transparent hinted: or you leave, or will end days in one of concentration camps.

the Unfulfilled prophet was forced to go to England where in 1940 it became the doctor of philosophy.

And the possibility of measurement of intelligence becomes farther for many years than it a fixed idea. At the initial stage of the searches Eisenk was firmly convinced that I.Q. can be measured by means of the ordinary thermometer. That is why on the lectures young professor dragged a set of these measuring devices. Soon the somewhat eccentric scientist was called not differently as the person - the " thermometer;.

From the beginning of war Hans declared that he dreams to become a pilot. But in its Air Force as representative of the enemy nation, did not take, but defined in hospital where he helped wounded fighters to restore psychological health. And after war it remained on the same place, accumulating supervision and putting numerous experiences. And it rose that fiercely hated Siegmund Freud and tried to defeat any his scientific parcel utterly.

What is the IQ tests? It is synthesis of a set of tests which were offered by various European psychotherapists. In particular, the Frenchman to Bina still before Hans was born - in 1904. His ideas are the cornerstone of what offered king of intelligence . But this candy obviously lacked a beautiful wrapper. It is that and Eisenk thought up, having called IQ coefficient. And everything is farther advertizing made. Well, how not to buy a bright appeal: You Want to prove that your intelligence is higher, than at the neighbor?

It was lucky to professor that his seeds laid down on a fertile field in the USA where they became very quickly obsessed with idea of measurement of intelligence. However, there were cases when to Eisenk naturally beat a muzzle, for example, at one of the American universities where he seriously tried to prove that IQ at the black is 15% lower, than at white, and, all this it is provided at the genetic level

the Result of life of Hans Juergen Eisenk - more than 80 books and thousands of articles, two marriages, four sons and the daughter. And, above all - an opportunity to compare the intelligence to neighbour`s. Yes unless matter in its size? If only the person was good