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What five myths about the business force us it not to begin?

to Stop working for other people and to open own business - such desire comes to each of us from time to time. Even at the accounting of the fact that the business is necessary for not everyone at many people predisposed to business in the head some myths about the business strongly sit. Let`s pay attention to the most popular and the most harmful of them...

Myth 1. The businessman needs to be born. the Surrounding people who are not wishing you success with pleasure will confirm to

this myth statistics that only five percent of people are born created for conducting the business. And maybe, these five percent just found in themselves courage in due time not to listen to cautions of this sort? It is capable to learn anything - on it each of us. Including to learn conducting the business. At your service tens business - schools, hundreds of trainings and courses, thousands of books, millions of articles and blogs. Just solve whether it is necessary for you - make the choice and - forward, to tops of an enterprise Olympus!

Myth 2. The business will take away all my time.

In consciousness of some people the businessman looks a being with completely absent free time and hobbies - such robot, twenty four hours a day carrying out behind a desktop at own office. Actually, such picture is observed only at a rudimentary stage of conducting the business. When the enterprise begins to work in full capacity, you will have more free time, than at contract work. The free schedule of work and an opportunity to have a rest - one of the reasons to begin own business.

Myth 3. To start own business it is necessary to tear at first completely with work on others. idea that before filing of application about registration of the firm it is necessary to submit the letter of resignation from work Is wrong

. Will be to secure itself on a failure case in business by means of further work on the old place much more far-sighted. Perhaps, during this period you will test overloads from - for double amount of works - in that case try not to overwork at old office. Do not forget that the person who has the best plan " becomes the most successful; B .

Myth 4. To begin business, it is necessary to spend at once a set of money for promotion and advertizing. Having learned

about that how many the leading industrial giants spend for marketing, at us the head begins to be turned, and in the head thoughts that to us never to master such investments appear. Actually, at the initial stage of development you can quite manage also the cheap announcements made on the copier. And it is even better - use receptions so-called guerrilla marketing not demanding considerable monetary expenditure, but giving fine for the businessman - the beginner effect.

Myth 5. Own business is a huge risk.

the biggest risk is the aspiration to completely avoid risks. Yes, nobody can guarantee profitability of any yours business - undertakings. If from five firms only one becomes successful, then just try five fields of activity, and the profit will come to you. Besides, nobody is insured also from dismissal or the deadlock in career development.

If you really want to feel all positive moments of business - do not stop from - for silly prejudices of surrounding people. In many years you together will smile, having remembered these myths onboard own ocean liner.