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And you love the Old Arbat how I love it?

Around the world are the recognizable places, sights and ultimate values. In Kiev - it is the Khreshchatyk, in Paris - the Champs Elysee, in London - Big Ben, In New - York - Manhattan, and in Moscow - the Old Arbat.

My favourite Old Arbat - one of ancient streets which absorbed in itself spirit of eight centuries by right is considered one of the main streets of the capital.

It is not just the street, this certain state with the charter, a peculiar and unforgettable architecture of small streets and back streets, with unique charm, long and kind memory. But it is not an island of provinciality, and the heart of Moscow, the center of the most favourite and visited places of all Muscovites and guests of the capital. And if somebody, sometime heard about Moscow - by all means heard also about the Arbat.

At the very beginning of the street, directly at Arbat Square, successfully and forever one of the oldest architectural monuments operating and prospering until now - the Moscow classical restaurant " settled down; Prague where in days of old quite often dropped in Chekhov and Kuprin, Bunin and Gilyarovsky, Ilf and Petrov where Sergey Yesenin shook by the daredevil and rough youth.

Today, as well as always, despite of quickly replaced scenery of times and even the whole eras, ageless Prague only looks younger and, still attracts with a combination of traditionally magnificent kitchen and new on - European refined furniture.

Having stepped into a threshold of a magnificent institution, at the same time we get to bewitching magic of the poured semi-precious stones in refined and expensive frame and creating magnificent ensembles of ladies` jewelry and an interior delicacy. It is salon of antiques Alexander Arth " Gallery; where masterpieces of painting, an icon, the book, silver, bronze and furniture, objects of fine and applied art in P. A. Ovchinnikov`s works, brothers Grachev, I. Sazikov, and Karl Faberge are presented.

After a short meal and confidential conversation - we again on the Old Arbat in an obligatory and slow promenade where grandly towards on the Arbat before, from time immemorial, citizens in courteous couples each other walked, and sometimes and the whole families, staying in the best mood. All ladies by all means in hats, uncountable frills on skirts, with beautiful starched kerchiefs in hands. Men, slightly supporting ladies under a lokotok, infinitely raised the headdresses, welcoming all passers. That time left, and the spirit remained.

We are children of other last century that into the past sank, but abandoning us, he to us managed to leave marks in souls . (M. Mazel).

Today on the Old Arbat it is vain and many-sided, but at the same time - is slow. This place where it is possible to hide from coming, and sometimes and frightening progress where hands chose for themselves exact situation and long ago stopped. Only seasons as before, replace each other as if sentries on a post.

Before our look a harmonous row pass a little tea and candy stores where are always glad to give you excellent tea yes edge of svezhevypechenny apple, plum, cherry or bilberry pie. New visitors of Arbat small streets mix up with the general motley order of the district soon. Anything and nobody can change ordinary, measured tranquility and invariable way lovely to heart town - Old Arbat.

Some more minutes of a foot walk, and before our look in quiet Arbatsky Lane - " hotel; Arbat . Distinguishes her hospitable hospitality and indispensable Moscow charm of expensive furniture.

Lovely and charming the " salon is same; Renato Angi . Here it is possible to pick up, the sets of stylish bags which are remarkably combined among themselves, footwear and other accessories. And here salon of gifts and souvenirs Arbat " collection; - one of the shops loved by me. Here it is never not necessary to doubt quality of the presented goods and always a wide choice very beautiful, and is more often - exclusive things. Which can be got practically in any solemn occasion or simply to create to itself and relatives good mood. To support this good mood, to communicate cordially to friends and to feel as the European inhabitant - it is possible at " restaurant; Continenta Antinori . The magnificent design and Italian cuisine by all means will add to your image of refinement and refinement.

Of course as inevitability, also new traditions appear. For example, mortgaging of a nominal stone. This idea was borrowed in the Disneyland of France. Today this service very is also very popular. As a rule, such gifts do to beloved or relatives on the occasion of any celebration.

The Arbat is both the vacation spot, and the place of pilgrimage. Statistically, for an hour on a pavement there pass more than three thousand people. Also this place the beginning of the new musical direction - the author`s song which founder was Bulat Okudzhava did not become casual. So there was on the Old Arbat the Island of romanticism fascinated for a long time not one generation of the country.

You will not recover From your Lyubov at all, forty thousand other pavements loving


Ah, you - my fatherland,

never up to the end to pass the Arbat, my Arbat,

you .

(B. Okudzhava).

To love the Homeland, to love the country, to love the city, the native street is not a whim and not entertainment, it is a lot of work of the whole generations. And depends only on us as we will perform this work whether we will understand something important, we will experience or we will just inherit already done with loving care others.

And I go, I walk across Moscow and I will be able to pass still .