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How to improve the relations in a family?

Ya sincerely hope that this article will help those who have intense relations in the family: with children or parents, with the husband or with the wife. The relations in a family are the most important in our life.

Any parent, irrespective of, how old is he, has to understand that his child is an invaluable gift of God for it. This his blessing, but not just one more person on this Earth. And gives the strongest communication to parents and children that other as love. The relations constructed on love will never collapse, but will be the best throughout all life. You will tell: “Of course, parents love the children, anyhow?“. But, unfortunately, people very often have no correct idea of love.

It is impossible to find the best definition of love, than written to Bibles.

The love dolgoterpit, miloserdstvut, the love does not envy, the love is not extolled, is not proud, does not commit excesses, does not look for the, is not irritated, does not think of the evil, does not rejoice to a lie, and soradutsya to truth; everything covers, trusts everything, all hopes, everything transfers. The love never ceases, though prophecies will stop, both languages will stop, and the knowledge will be abolished.

Agree, it is difficult to be such person. Such is only Jesus Christ. But the main thing is a desire to become such. It is quite enough. And this the best that can be in any relations, first of all in a family. Just show love to all members of your family, without expecting reciprocity. Begin with yourself. And the result will not keep itself waiting.

Cover the family with of your love. Then your house will become your fortress, and nobody will overcome it.

Children, obey the parents in love because it is demanded by justice. Parents are the power from God for children. In the Bible it is also told: “Because God commanded: esteem the father and mother; and talking scandal the father or mother death yes will die“. Malignant gossip - the feeling rejecting love. It, of course, will bring nothing good. On the contrary, it bears death to the person. The love to parents has to be unconditional. Any “And if …“ does not be.

Wives have to obey the husbands in love. “As well you, wives, obey the husbands that those from them which do not obey the word were got by life of the wives without word when see your pure, God-fearing life. Yes not external weaving of hair, not gold attires or elegance in clothes, but intimate hearts of people in imperishable beauty of mild and silent spirit will be your ornament that is precious before God“.

Husbands have to love the wives, care for them and preserve. “As well you, husbands, treat reasonably wives, as with the weaker vessel, doing them the honor as to co-heiresses of fertile life“. “Husbands, you love the wives and to them be not severe“. It is necessary to know that the husband and the wife are created for each other, and together they - a single whole. “Therefore the person of the father and mother will leave and it will be stuck to the wife, and will be two one fleshes“.

Love is what you have to give to the family first of all. Begin with it and it there live the correct relations in a family. It is what your family waits for: kind word, council, smile and attention. Sometimes the sincere smile better than many words encourages and installs happiness in heart of the person. You say to the family that you love them.

And let your house will become your fortress - that place where you feel surrounded with care and love which will protect you from any misfortunes of this world.