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whether it is worth marrying foreigners (hangukov)?

Hello my dear readers!!!

I and my many friends cruelly were mistaken, having married foreigners. Therefore be careful

dear women if really despaired and decided to try the destiny, somewhere there it is far, overseas....

Reflect it actually heavy responsibility!!!!

Unfamiliar you person, nonnative language, others customs and traditions, other food...

And for an example we will take stories from a forum of our girls in Korea to borda. ru

here that Sabinka writes:

and at me trouble

I cannot live in Korea

any more I will tell briefly married a hanguk

lived with the father-in-law and a svekrovka

offended me (is easily told) then apologized (if only I did not contact police) but 13 on Friday there were absolutely intolerable (the husband beat me sleeping) I shocked now I already precisely know at it problems with the head well as was so possible to make still the day before asked not to cause to me sudden pain on August 1 at me a birthday

called to the girlfriend and told I with them will not be able to live and nights

I packed a few things it arrived and I ran away

live at it

went to hospital of a distance to me the reference on causing to me damage

so still the husband did not give to me money

am short of money of the h do not know as is correct to divorce now now

as well as where is possible for me to work with

what is the time under their laws part if my husband does not want but against it is this reference

please help me I was so tired and I want home

of borda. ru/? 1 - 10 - 30 - 00003192 - 000 - 0 - 0 - 1186126054

Help please!!! I am married for hanguky 5 years, the daughter is 3 years old. The husband constantly beat, yesterday in next races beat and vignat from the house. Does not give the child, phone took away, the code on doors changed. Demands that signed documents for divorce. Prompt

where to me moyno to learn about my rights. Whether really to me at divorce to receive guardianship over the child, thus to remain zhit in Korea? What I have rights? Where it is possible to polunut the kvalifitsurovany help? How to me to beat??????

So draw conclusions you should not go far!!!