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Internet: to use a real name or a pseudonym? 5 arguments in favor of the first.

When I only began acquaintance to a global computer Network, many books of the " type; House Computer or Acquaintance to the Internet unanimously advised - never to reveal the name in virtual space. Following this wisdom, novice users invented the most various a nickname - neyma, and as avatars instead of photos tried to use absolutely unimaginable images. There was a change. How the situation is today?

There came Web 2 era. 0, social networks, a netvorking, personal branding - the most far-sighted users not only open, but also untwist own full name. Naturally, I do not urge to play online - games under a nickname Vasily Andreevich Uryupin - but during the blogging, writing articles or e-books better not to refuse an opportunity to allow to know to the world treasured words from your passport. Let`s understand why?

You can find popularity.

Yes, already at the time of registration in To School of life or LiveJournal it is necessary to understand that your creations can gain recognition and popularity. It is much better if they work for your true name, but not a fictional nickname. Though, some people are ready to carry out all creative life under a pseudonym. The method to learn how to arrive to you, is simple - ask yourself one question. If one fine day you are called by the editor-in-chief Komsomolskaya Pravda also will ask whether it is possible to publish and how to sign your article, - what you will answer? If here the choice falls on CrazySexyWOWKitten safely you enter the invented name into the respective field of a registration form.

Creativity under a name from the passport can help with job search.

Having interview about employment in the solid organization, it is necessary to assume the fact that the manager will gather your name and a surname in Yandex or Google. It is very good if he finds a creative trace in a global Network - certainly when it is not a page with the guide to production of explosive devices. Though if you settle the bomb expert... Search result: pages - 0. The required combination of words does not meet " anywhere; - such answer of a search engine will not add to your summary of appeal.

The true name will help to find in the Internet of old acquaintances. by

it is not excluded that the former schoolmate or the first love about whom you forgot long ago can recognize you. I think, they cannot guess that the financial blog of Mischa Ivanov belongs just to that lovely blue-eyed boy from - for next school desks. Do not trouble the lost acquaintances Mischa Ivanov`s renaming in Investment - the Mastodon.

The choice of a pseudonym - a question of mood.

A the mood is in the habit to change. For this reason do not advise I recommend to do tattoos on foregrounds - and from - for it to refuse use of assumed names in virtual community. It is not excluded that the fine name will bother in a year or two - and after its change process creation of a personal brand should be started almost from scratch.

Make your life complete.

Remaining Olga both at office, and in a bed with darling, and in a global Network, you help the existence to keep spiritual integrity. The name means to each of us very much - let this importance will be constant in all spheres of existence.

Love the name, and let the others will fall in love with it not less!