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What to teach the child to? Montessori`s technique.

Maria Montessori`s Technique is based on independent knowledge by the child of world around. Mother or montessor - the teacher only watch actions of the child, prompt to what party to move, and explain interesting, at the look, the moments. Occupations are calculated that children are engaged in group, but approach to everyone individual.

Montessori - the class is divided into several parts, children creep on a rug and creep in different parts of the room. Let`s assume, the kid crept in sector kitchen rattled saucepans there, scattered grain, took a sieve. It is necessary to be connected and explain to the child at once - that? - for what? - where? The child, having heard from you explanations, creeps further, but you at first need to persuade the child to clean up everything, and only then to creep in the following sector. Then the child came crawling in sector mathematics and here you show it figures, scores, begin to consider animals etc. If the child creeps away, follow him following. That is, the main thing - to observe, explain and not to interfere.

At the age of two years to the child impart skills of independent personal care. He has to be able to wash, brush teeth, to button, tie laces, to clean boots. Frankly speaking, did not see any child who in two years itself ties laces, but all the rest is done, the truth. Here the main thing not to discourage, having explained to the child what all so do, such rules, from them not to get to anywhere.

So, Montessori`s system develops logic, small motility, analytical thinking, accustoms to an order, but does not develop creativity in the child at all. Groups do not mold, do not draw, do not sing. But montessor - grants are very entertaining, interesting, and they can be created from make-shifts.

Well that? Let`s play?

1. Spread out
. Take grain of rice and buckwheat, mix and show to the kid as to shift light grains in one capacity, and dark in another. If grains for fingers too small, it is possible to take buttons of different color or the designer`s detail.

2. Pour, but do not pour. you pour water from a glass in a plate, then from a plate in a glass, without spilling. Then you ask the child to help you. It pours from a glass in a plate, and you from a plate in a glass. You wipe that spilled by in turn.

3. Screw up and unscrew.
needs to take jars of the different size, for example, from baby food with the screwing-up cover and, placing different objects there, or pouring water in different proportions, to ask the child to close and open jars, changing their contents (pouring or shifting).

4. Clasp and undo
. On dense a piece of fabric sew buttons of the different sizes and a loop to them, various fasteners, flypapers, laces, bows, show to the child a way of setting for each of them. Ask what way was pleasant to it more, sort everyone, what is more difficult, what is easier.

5. Silence. Stand for a minute and listen. What is heard? From where the sound is distributed? What feelings are connected with this phenomenon? The rain - grief, singing of birds - pleasure, a striking of a clock - is time to sleep, the call to a door - the father came. Carefully! This exercise frightens very small children. Do not continue it if saw alarm in the opinion of the child. At once distract it and turn on the light or the music. Make something that will force it to quicken and switch attention. Take on hands and calm. to Children such exercise very much is more senior it is pleasant and develops imagination.

Be attentive to words and desires of your child. Try to help to accustom to it to our world. To warn Somewhere, to warn somewhere, to help with something, to make something for it and to show how then he will be able to make it.

Take care of the children, their development, you love them, and your care will be increased.