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What to teach the child to? Early development.

When I came back home from maternity hospital with the kid, I wanted only - to sleep one. But, as many know, to have a sleep is a luxury. Also it was unclear that to me to do with this small lump when he does not sleep. Usually about one year the mother`s program is under construction as follows: have a sleep - ate - took a walk - ate - have a sleep. Among household chores (cooking of lunches, cleaning of the apartment, washing and an ironing), constant fatigue and talk with girlfriends by phone with the purpose to get advice from senior and to tell younger about all delights of motherhood, apparently, does not have time for occupations with the child. And in what with it to be engaged?

I apologize in advance to careful mummies who always know, than to be engaged with the child, and I ask not to judge me strictly, I keep the story for those young little girls who faced the same question, as I.

So, the systems and schools devoted to early development of kids there is a lot of, and so far I sorted each of them, it was necessary to read many books and magazines, to try them on the child, and as a result on it a lot of time left. The child grew meanwhile, and it seemed that he here - will already grow up, and I did not manage to try on him all methods yet. And when Masaru Ibuk`s book " fell of me into hands; After three already late I in general was upset and thought that to such worthless mummy as I, the child will not forgive that he in three years was not able to play a violin though could and learn.

As a result I found the only way out - to relax and derive pleasure. Not to pay attention that it is possible to play this game only about three months, and this only after five I began to work for intuition - that she told, did. You should not have gone in cycles in each program and to perform scrupulously each task, it was just necessary to be engaged with the kid with love and pleasure, without setting itself a task to bring up the genius. What I also did. Except occupations with the child of the house, we were engaged also in the Children`s center of development in group where different systems of early development were presented. But admit kids since eight months to these centers. And about eight months the child needs, of course, care and love of mother.

It is necessary to do gymnastics of 5 - 10 minutes, a light massage with the kid surely every day, to take air baths, to sing lullabies and to read fairy tales. And, it is necessary to sing and read most more often. My child, for example, did not listen to the audio cassette with such remarkable " at all; a postscoring on roles and as it would be remarkable to keep silent and listen to fairy tales most, but Many begin to teach the child to read

since three months, showing them cards with pictures and words written on them. The system is based not on studying of each letter separately, and on storing of words entirely. I will honestly tell, I tried to teach the child in three months to read, but for the third day it became boring for me, and here it was interesting to be engaged in it in one and a half years also to me, and to the child - then we also recommenced our lessons. The main thing not to do a break in occupations. When you are engaged every day - the result is available, week are not engaged - everything at first should be begun.

An excellent way of development - to talk to the child and to read books to it in foreign languages. Here the patience is necessary - the result will be visible only in three years, maybe, slightly earlier. But I enjoy now that my child equally acquires words in the Russian, English and Japanese languages. And, such I did not set the purpose, there were a wish to make experiment especially as foreign languages are my hobby, and to speak with the child different languages very interestingly. However, if the husband not against. If against, then at its presence of it it is better not to do. In general, it is better not to do at the child anything of that kind that could irritate other people, whether it be the grandmother, the husband or the senior child. The negative is transferred to the baby at distance, and they are very susceptible to it. Surround it with care and smiles from all directions, and it will not bring upon you trouble.

About various techniques of early development of children read in the following articles. Good luck and pleasure to you and your children.