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What do six hundred parts mean to you?

Even today when many people got used to convenience, to supermarkets and offices, some find themselves on the seasonal dacha. Everyone knows that work improves the person, but, nevertheless, not everyone will agree to give the most part of the summer to the earth, landing, watering, weeding and other cares

there Passed exactly a year as the government of Russia entered the new bill for the aid to legalization to inhabitants of the seasonal dachas. The new law has to help to legalize the earth belonging to citizens. It is about the property acquired even before adoption of the new Land code. It is counted that about 80% of seasonal dachas still are ownerless. At the same time those sites which were got in the last decade, the huge " array are registered under the ownership, as a rule; Soviet dachas and remained in suspended state.

The following documents will be necessary for you for legalization of a site: an extract from the pokhozyaystvenny book, the declaration on object of real estate, the cadastral plan and copies of documents of title. Paperwork order: you make out a site, you make out the house on which you have no document on property, you put in operation and you receive the personnel plan of a site.

Actually everything is very simple, and if to want and pay it attention, then it will be possible to brag of the legalized property. It especially is useful to you if you are going to sell a site or to use it in any other purposes except agricultural. For example: if you want to lease, or to arrange there office, official institution or something like that.

However according to the latest data very few people from owners of the seasonal dacha used it if to be more precisely, then all every 100-th summer resident legalized the property. Though according to the same data in the country about 40 million summer residents. Follows from all this statistics that people are not going to use the right for legalization at all.

Actually everything is very simple As if the state did not facilitate our life, to us all the same will be too little, too badly! And so, as consider several researchers of this problem, the reasons of such passivity of the population of are as follows:

- there is Too much paperwork with registration.

- Money, despite reform, all the same should pay for all this, and money these absolutely considerable!

- People just do not know anything about the carried-out reform.

- It it simply is not necessary, they do not contradict the law. Earlier without it lived, and now we will manage!

For bigger probability from all these options it would be possible to arrange directly here poll, but let somebody will be engaged in it another!

So, eventually, means to have the seasonal dacha presently? Here each to their own: for someone it is business on the harvest or leasing, for others it is vital need for a type of products and stocks for the winter, someone has just a rest on six hundred parts and at all there grows up nothing, has just a rest and breathes fresh air! Here is how there are a lot of options for use of your giving, and it means that each summer resident will answer the question raised by me differently!