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Who disappeared under O. Henry`s pseudonym?

are marked on September 11 not only one of the most awful acts of terrorism in the world. In it day was born 145 years ago future druggist, the convict and the writer O. Henry of whose stories become engrossed in reading still. But... about everything one after another.

A prolog

on September 11, 1862 in the settlement of Sentr - Kommyuniti, near the city of Greensboro, State of South Carolina, was born the great classic of humour O. Henry , in the world William Sidney Porter . Subsequently critics compared O. Henry to Chekhov , and everything began rather prosy, and events which filled life of the great humorist, than did not foretell so great future, however almost all grimaces of destiny were reflected in his stories over time.

A way from a drugstore to the ranch.

In three years William lost mother, and the native aunt as the boy`s father, Oldzheron Porter, the owner of a drugstore in Ginsboro, could not pay to the son sufficient attention was engaged in his education. It is no wonder that future writer combined study with watches in a drugstore, the father hoped that William will go on his feet. It should be noted that drugstores of the end of the 19th century represented similarity of saloons where whisky and tobacco were the most widespread drugs, and in such atmosphere of William fits of coughing began to torment.

Bad heredity (mother died of tuberculosis) forced young William to go for fresh air, to the ranch to Texas. In the Wild West it met heroes of the stories - impudent cowboys, runaway convicts and ingenuous, but noble immigrants.

A way from a wreath before waste William Sidney Porter met by

In Texas the future wife Atholl Estes. It seemed, William was lucky - he received the solid place of the employee in bank. But literally in the first months took that it is not attracted by the world of figures and calculations. He hastily left and tried to forget about delights of financial career. However scandal burst, and in a year. Year was required to the management of bank to think up for whom to write off shortage in 1150 dollars - the huge sum for those times. William Porter, understanding that he will be surely put, despite the lack of a direct evidence (The wild West was fast on punishment), ran to Honduras.

A way from Honduras to prison.

Waiting in Honduras a storm of criminal scandal in the homeland, future writer became with the bandit Al Jennings, the brave robber and the gallant guy very intimate. Vnovyispechenny friends were marked out in Honduran putsch, ran to Mexico, participated in adventures risky and unpleasant to the law where the sharp knife of Jennings saved Porter`s life more than once. But here William receives news that his wife is fatally sick. It hastily comes back to Texas, but Atholl Estes lived only several days. Peace officers arrested William Porter directly on a prayer for the dead, he did not even resist and submissively received 5 years of imprisonment.

A way from prisoner No. 34 627 to a pseudonym O. Henry.

In the Colombian corrective prison in Ohio of destiny condescended to Porter, and he was appointed the prison druggist. In the crude kazematny atmosphere William communicated with the convicts who are thrown out overboard lives day by day - thieves, murderers, and sometimes and just unfortunate with which the law managed unfairly. Porter listened to the tragic stories of prisoners, real adventures mixed with lies and long soared in one to it the conducted clouds. The basis of the first story of the writer was formed by real destiny of his cellmate, burglar of safes Dick Price. Dick in 12 seconds opened the supercombination lock and released the little daughter of the millionaire from the slammed safe.

When the story was finished, the writer read it to cellmates, and there was a miracle - thieves, hanged men and murderers for the first time in life smeared on tear cheeks. The first stories from prison were published in the newspaper under O. Henry`s pseudonym, quite so in the American transcription writing a surname of the famous druggist O. Hanri looks (the prisoner was ashamed of the surname).

A way from prison to national glory. Having gone

out of prison ahead of schedule (for good behavior), O. Henry with surprise realized that already has the steady reader. Short comic stories were at that time very demanded. O. Henry began ascension. To the Nye - the York newspaper World monthly published on four - five of his stories. O. Henry`s earnings were made even to the monthly income of popular novelists. Stories collected so many that annually O. Henry began to let out according to the collection. He wrote nearly 300 stories. Such speed could not but affect the health of the writer.

A way from national glory to loneliness.

At heart O. Henry was the closed single shipped in the world of the imaginations and illusions. It avoided acquaintances, did not give interview. Its impracticality was evident at once: he never bargained, and publishers ruthlessly deceived him. The writer wandered about New - to York, absorbed life and destinies of little inhabitants of the stone jungle, and from - under its feather there were touching and ridiculous stories giving to people a consolation and hope for good luck. Readers called O. Henry Great comforter but this rank did not bring a consolation to the writer.

He was ill much, began to drink alone, without leaving a cheap hotel room. He could not write already very much, forces and money ran low, and on 48 - m to year of life the American Chekhov forever reunited with the world of the heroes. When O. Henry was buried, the destiny made the last grimace: for the period of burial service of the writer unintentionally appointed also wedding of young couple. Absolutely in the spirit of stories of the great humorist.

An epilog Since then stories of the classic of the American humour were repeatedly picturized and put by

on a theatrical stage, and the American Academy of fine arts annually hands an award of O. Henry to the author of the best story published in the American newspapers and magazines. We still with pleasure read stories of the classic and we watch tricks of heroes of the gaydayevsky movie Business people .

It is necessary to wish: read O. Henry, the great storyteller and the incorrigible romantic!