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Whether it is necessary to buy the necessary things?

that at whom expenses do not exceed the income Is rich. But the majority of recipes to grow rich in Shkolezhizni are devoted to increase in the income. The economy upon purchases is welcomed less. It is sometimes offered to sell the things which became unnecessary. Or at once to buy some things second-hand. But nobody thinks that many necessary things can be not bought and saved a lot of money at all.

And where you will get to if the thing is really necessary? And for what?

I was going to buy the good photoscanner long ago. Since old times many films and slides collected. It is necessary to digitize them. Of course, it is possible to carry all this in special firm - all of them will make and will write down on a disk. But I wanted most to select shots which - what to correct, edit. Some ideas come in the course of work. And suitable scanners with the good permission were not. And I everything postponed purchase. And it appeared, how in a saying - why to put off what can be not done at all.

Absolutely incidentally on the Internet saw corporate advertizing, offering photoscanners with the resolution of 3600x3600 dpi for rent for 300 rubles a day. For this money in computer firm will scan only half-films. And I reflected. I need such device only once. Why to buy? And I used hire services.

And then began to think further. We use many things only occasionally. But while they are necessary, they are capable to facilitate significantly to us life, to make it more various, more cheerful and richer. Looked at advertizing of firms of hire. What there is only not present! The most popular things - scales for newborns, children`s carnival costumes, special electric tools, various devices of medical appointment. It is simple to buy them there is no sense.

Many cameras, video cameras, computer accessories, sports goods, household appliances, automobile accessories are offered. Someone cannot do without them, and someone uses them occasionally. Then it is more favorable to hire them, choosing every time more perfect model. Even cars the set is offered. " Zhiguli; it is possible to take for only 700 rubles a day. The foreign car with the conditioner will cost already from 1500 rubles. It is possible to hire even the abrupt car - a cabriolet. Whether often it is necessary?

And still. We always dream to get something. From simple to the most difficult things. Having bought

, having played, we understand that not really this thing and was necessary to us. Then they become outdated and litter apartments, dachas, garages. It is a pity to throw out, and difficultly to sell. This feature of human psychology was noticed even more than three centuries ago by Francois de La Rochefoucauld and advised: Before something is strong to wish, it is necessary to inquire whether the present owner of the desirable " is very happy;. And it is possible to hire at first a desirable thing - and only then to buy if without own not to manage. It makes sense to buy only those things which are required every day, or are a hobby subject.

Many wealthy people do not buy also own dachas any more. Go to have a rest to different places where it is possible to remove housing of any category. A variety only attracts. Even the people having garden sites from Soviet period already even more often do not consider them as means of rest or cultivation of a harvest - now to buy all the year round products in the markets or in shops more simply and the cheapest way.

Services of hire and its range reached such level now that can make the real competition to trade. People just do not think of it yet. And many necessary things can be not bought. And there is a lot of money to save. And things to have in use it is much more. From ware to abrupt cars.

I wish you to think seriously over it. To count. And to be along with money, things and happy.