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What is hidden from usual mortal at the Olympic Games?

Having communicated to the Belarusian athletes, I want to slightly open a little the curtain hiding life of athletes out of performance. In my opinion, the most interesting games is Atlanta of 1996 lately.

Really, impressions of Atlanta at athletes remained very much. Prior to the Olympic Games of Belarusians took on excursion to future capital of Games. Showed yet not completed objects, skyscrapers, future stadium. Told about construction history.

There lived athletes in usual apartments where there were only two beds, a bedside table and a case. It is quite enough to have a rest and spread out the things. In the Olympic village at each Games in a press - the center it is possible to vote for candidates for the accession to the International Olympic Committee. If you voted, in exchange give the memorable handle.

Atlanta all was remembered by one more interesting game. Its essence was that in the big dining room arrangements of all points of a fast food " issued you the card; McDonald`s coming into which you provided accreditation and received badges. When all set from the Olympic flame and figure hundred as games in Atlanta were held exactly in hundred years after their revival in 1896 gathered, in exchange you received a cap where you could fasten all the badges. This game was an exclusive. At the subsequent Olympic Games of nothing similar was carried out.

During the Olympic Games in Atlanta of athletes reduced in the museum. There it was possible to see such exhibits as shipovka of the famous American athletes, a form, medals, photos.

The security system is remarkable: at an entrance to the Olympic village you had to make a print of the palm. If such in the database was available, you were passed. These measures were entered after at one of concert venues the improvised explosive device exploded.

Passing to the Olympic Games of 2000 in Sydney, I want you, readers to afflict a little. Such bright memoirs as with Atlanta, at athletes did not remain. Lived in the same apartments where there were two beds, bedside tables and a case.

But at these Games it was possible to make an instant photo on an undershirt. For those times such procedure was in wonder. One of sponsors - " did not pump up; The Cook - " Coca;. All athletes were given a coin. It was possible to abandon her in the automatic machine never-ending number of times during the Olympic Games and to enjoy soft drinks as much as necessary.

During Games in Sydney it was possible to get acquainted with the real Papuans. They walked about on the Olympic village and were photographed with all who wished to take away a photo to themselves home.

At these Olympic Games excursions in an aquapark, a zoo and a huge underwater aquarium were organized. For fans of extreme sports an opportunity to drive on banana, the water scooter and boats was given.

The last Olympic Games in Athens which slogan sounded as Welcome home surprised with nothing. I will not be afraid to tell that in more than hundred years concerning Athens nothing changed. Many athletes, trainers and sports observers claim that the Athenian games were the worst lately.

To athletes were remembered only the Olympic village built on the waste ground, small rooms and free beer in the " center; Samsung . Who wanted, could visit the Acropolis - it was the only excursion program.

But that it would be desirable to allocate is a finish of a marathon at the first Olympic stadium and shot put which was organized in Ancient Olympia. On it the interesting moments of the last Olympic Games ended.

At each Olympic Games athletes are given gifts. Generally it is backpacks with a set of knickknacks inside and a commemorative medal. But in Sydney put a blanket with the huge inscription " to a backpack; Sydney 2000 with which I am covered to this day.

I hope, I a little bit depicted to you life of athletes at the Olympic Games. I think that this sports material, at least, I will wants it not to the last.