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How effectively to act publicly?

Most important - are correct to set the object. I want to achieve

of What from audience? It is the first and most important question on which you have to give the answer. Otherwise you will not even understand, successfully there took place performance or not. In other words, by preparation of the speech you have to formulate (for yourself first of all) the purpose of the emergence on public for the sake of which you, actually, also are going to deliver a speech. If you did not set the task for yourself how it is possible to solve it?

All the rest - material and an order of his statement, quantity of details and duration of the speech, visions which you use - will depend on your answer.

Your task is in inhaling life in ideas, having given listeners all the feelings, conviction and passion. It the fact that it is necessary for them. And if your actions demonstrate that you do not believe that you say, your public will not trust your words too.

We will organize material. Having determined by

the purpose of performance and having got some idea about listeners, it is possible to start scheduling.

As listeners cannot re-read the text of your performance or scroll back a film with record of your words, repetitions are necessary. Therefore the principles " are the most popular; tell them :

tell them what you are going to tell them;

tell them;

tell them what you told them.

Apply this equipment also in each separate part: do generalization at the beginning of each part and at the end. Be not afraid to repeat the thoughts. However if you want that they were perceived, do not do it too often.

Do not forget about a golden ratio. The golden ratio is the place having on 2/3 - 3/4 from the beginning of the speech where the culmination point, intensity of emotions of all performance ideally is located. It is some kind of trump; it would be silly to open it right at the beginning. The listener needs to be prepared for this moment, to bring smoothly. Neither the middle, nor the end of the speech also do not suit for the culmination.

It is necessary to reckon with a golden ratio roughly not to break natural laws of composition.


One business - to make the plan of the performance, and another is perfect - really to carry out it. Only having pronounced words aloud, you will be able to be convinced that you understand sense of the speech.

Rehearsal - the best check of your performance.

Besides, it will allow to decide on presentation duration time. At the time of performance there can be quite strange things over time. Can seem to you that it stops, or, on the contrary, runs promptly.

Therefore it is necessary for you:

to rehearse the speech in real time, to pass nothing;

to rehearse in the presence of friends (colleagues) and to learn their opinion;

to use for the help of a card with theses - to get used to them;

if an opportunity is, to rehearse on the place of future performance (if there is no such opportunity, try to visit there to get used to the room).

Now remained absolutely slightly - slightly.

Be not nervous! by

as a result of sociological research it is revealed that people most of all are afraid:

to talk to group of people;


insects and microbes;

financial problems;

deep water;



travel by plane;



Therefore any of listeners, it appear he on your place, would be nervous, most likely, even stronger. To plunge into a quiet state, retire to a quiet place where nobody will prevent, for example, in a toilet. For a start to a poizobrazhayta fear symptoms. It becomes so. You breathe as often as possible, a vylupita for fear of an eye, clap yourself up to a breast where heart, present that heart terribly beats, to a pokhnychta and properly shake by hands - legs. Wriggle, represent a shiver in knees. Do it as it is possible more intensively!!! Hormones of fear for such manipulations collapse, and the next half an hour you will not bang in public.

Then imagine how you appear before public as it attentively listens to you, applauds and at the end of performance asks questions.

It is the most important to pay attention to breath. Try to breathe as it is possible more deeply. Breath has to go as if from a stomach, but not from the top part of lungs. Slow down breath, make it quiet, uniform and deep. Such breath gives to a voice force, depth and persuasiveness.

Besides, pay attention to facial muscles in a mouth on which the articulation depends. Say a tongue twister or sing motive of a favourite song. You can use chewing gum to warm language and lips.

One of the simplest receptions is in putting out tongue as it is possible further from a mouth and to say part of the text, trying to obtain the maximum clarity of sounds. It is necessary to spend for it no more than 30 seconds during which it will be possible to warm vocal chords. At the same time you, of course, will have an appearance quite modest so make these exercises in the place where nobody will see you.

On start! Attention

Yes, do not forget about confidence in a look . During performance you do not look only at one person even if he is the main person among the audience. Let your movements will be free, pertinent. Do not cross a hand in the bottom of a stomach or behind the back, you do not play with the handle or points. Try to avoid monotonous circulation, be not shaken and do not cross a leg.