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How to celebrate and to overeat?

Most often before any festive action of the woman go shopping, choosing themselves elegant dresses, begin to adhere to other from a usual food allowance, to do exercises in the mornings, and even register in fitness - club. Desire to look better than others at a corporate party, in the company of friends, on Birthday of darling or on New Year`s Eve we have nobody and will never take away.

Here also it turns out that at first few weeks we torture ourselves to get then into the most beautiful dress, and after that though a flood. So tasty usually feed on all these holidays, and after week hunger strike to keep from all these delicacies becomes absolutely impossible. And what to do?

Council the first. Remain beautiful.

Try to remain in a week same beautiful, as well as in day of a celebration. You so long went to it. You managed to lose couple of extra kilos? Same it is healthy! Go just like that on weekdays, for no reason at all, grow thin! Same it is almost impossible, the incentive is always necessary. And so your incentive worked. Today you look perfectly, so look so always! Then to the next party you should not torment yourself. Set to yourself the object just to have a good time with advantage. And this advantage will be that tomorrow after the termination of a holiday you will look the same as this morning.

Council of the second. Be prepared in advance.

Gathering for a party, have dinner at home. Then you will not hunger in the evening, and will be able to limit the number of the calories coming to your organism in a night-time. And before starting a meal, I recommend to drink a glass of water and to eat apple, a piece of pineapple or a melon. So tasty fruit and useful that it is simply dishonest to lose this pleasure in relation to the precious organism. And there, you look, and it will not want to look at cake any more.

Council the third. To a gluttony - fight.

you came to communicate to friends, to prove to be, to look at others, this and be engaged. Dance, have fun, smile, and limit the diet to something easy, for example, exclude smoked cuttings and sausages, having replaced them with vegetable salad without mayonnaise. If you do not want to refuse from hot, then refuse at least a garnish. Instead of meat take fish. And instead of caviar sandwich - a cheese piece. But if it is difficult to keep, it is possible to eat caviar a spoon from sandwich, and to leave bread.

And still it is possible to refuse the forthcoming lunch or a dinner, thinking of a dessert. A dessert as a rule - the most long-awaited delicacy. It is possible to console itself in thought that, having refused snack and hot, in a stomach there will be more place for sweet. And then, when already the dessert will be on a table, it is possible to eat an apple and to go to dance. Sounds cruelly, of course. But, as a rule, by the time of a dessert people are already relaxed, all got acquainted with each other, and it is possible to be engaged in something more pleasant, than to remain at a table.

And for those who consider that the holiday without feast is not a holiday, wish bon appetit... Tomorrow there will be a new day, and you again, having risen on scales, will begin to do exercises. And it is correct, to support itself in the form of a nuzhnovsegd. Remain always young and beautiful.