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What globes in biathlon are?

For a start I will remind that biathlon - the Olympic winter sport including movement on skis ridge style and firing from a small-bore rifle. Under the term biathlon also such types of sports activity as archery and movement on skis (Archery Biathlon), movement by mountain bicycle and firing (Mountain bike Biathlon), run and firing (Running Biathlon), movement on roller skis and firing (Roller - ski Biathlon), and also run on snow and firing (Snow Shoeing Biathlon) can be meant.

We will talk about biathlon in its classical understanding. The competitive winter season usually begins in November and comes to an end in March - April of the next year. During this period a number of the competitions united in the World Cup is held. They are divided into several stages, the races which are taking place in the different countries and including a quantity (their number at each stage can be a miscellaneous). The schedule of a season will be coordinated and approved in advance. Within the World Cup both the World Cups, and the Olympic Games are held.

At each stage which takes several days there take place several races. Races happen different types too. Except two types of relays (classical and mixed), exist:


the shortest distance (10 km for men and 7,5 km for women) with two firing lines: lying and standing. For each miss when firing the athlete is obliged to pass a penalty loop (150 m). Athletes start one after another with an interval, most often, 30 pages

Prosecution (Pursuit) Are carried out by

after sprint (as a rule, next day). Athletes start one after another through that time what was recorded on the finish of sprint race. That is they should combat not the schedule of rivals, and directly with each other. A distance for men of 12,5 km, for women - 10 km. Firing is carried out 4 times: lying, standing, lying, standing. For a miss passing of the same penalty loop is still necessary.

Mass start

Simultaneous start 30 - ti the best athletes. A man`s distance of 15 km, female - 12,5 km. The same penalty loop after a miss, the same 4 firing: 2 lying and 2 standing. Very spectacular race where the victory is won by that athlete who the first crosses the line of the finish (as, however, and in pursuit).

Individual race

of the Classic of a biathlon genre. The same separate start, as well as in sprint. Same four shooting sessions: 2 lying and 2 standing. First in biathlon paper targets were used, and the result was counted after the end of the last firing when penal time for misses was added to result of each participant. This principle remained in individual race today, only penal time is added right after each shot since misses can be considered in real time. Men overcome a distance of 20 km, women - 15 km. In this discipline the accuracy of firing is most important because it penal time (1 minute) is much bigger, than time which occupies passing of a penalty loop (20 - 25 seconds).

So, by results of each race of a season to the first thirty of finishing opredelyonnyeballa are charged (from 30 to 1). During the season these points are summarized on each discipline. Following the results of a season at each athlete the worst race is deleted and the winner who is handed the Small Crystal globe is defined. They are eight - on number of disciplines at men and women.

Also summation of all points on all disciplines is conducted. At the end of a season 3 worst races are deleted from results. And the best sum defines the winner of all World Cup who is handed the Big Crystal globe.

Here such there are in biathlon globes. Watch biathlon! It is one of the most spectacular sports.