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For what to the hostess of the house champagne cork or wine?

In each family happen the celebrations devoted to important dates. Quite often such celebrations are followed by feasts. The official part not only congratulations, but also toasts begins. At the same time not to do without champagne or wine. No, no. Now we are interested in neither their fortress, nor their taste. But only traffic jams. And only classical traffic jams made of material of a pith tree.

You do not hurry to throw out them. They can serve good service thanks to the remarkable physical properties.

These traffic jams possess very low heat conductivity, they are magnificent heat insulators. Also they are easily processed, practically do not absorb moisture and are rather soft, at the simultaneous sufficient durability of material for the subsequent use.

Using these properties, we will apply them in our daily life.

Application the first.

Who was engaged in cooking, that perfectly knows how covers of pans in which the delicious food is cooked heat up. Together with a cover also the handle heats up. Though today the industry lets out ware with heat-insulating handles, but a lot who has usual pans from various materials at which the problem of heating of handles remains. In such cases apply mittens - ways, towels and other the simple stock which is available in kitchen. Quite often, especially when using a towel, there can be also cases of their ignition. And how many cases of the burned fingers? Not to you to speak to me about it.

All these inconveniences can be avoided if in a cover with the bracket-shaped handle to build in a stopper. At installation it is important to pick up a stopper of the bigger size, than armholes in the bracket-shaped handle of a cover. From the bigger size it is easy to adjust by means of well perfected kitchen knife the necessary size of a stopper by the handle size. At adjustment of the size it is necessary to consider that the stopper has to be inserted with a tightness, i.e. the size of a stopper will be a little bit more aperture of the bracket-shaped handle. It has to adjoin to a cover densely. For this purpose it is necessary to cut off and adjust round edge of a stopper the stopper plane to the cover plane. Thanks to elasticity of material installation with a tightness is possible. When the stopper is built in (see a photo), can try, having cooked soup in this pan.

At removal of a cover with such handle you need to undertake for speakers from - under the bracket-shaped handle the ends of a stopper. Inconveniences will remain in the past.

Application the second.

Using properties of an easy workability, a bad namokayemost and softness of material, traffic jams can be applied to production of needle cases, giving them any form. It is easy to fasten the processed traffic jams in various ways (by means of glue or binding) in blocks giving to a final product the intricate forms (a lodge, a mushroom and so on, and so forth, as far as the imagination will allow).

In such needle case it is easy to thrust a needle. The end of a needle will not rust (to rust) as in a porolonovy needle case.

It is possible to use traffic jams for production of fishing floats. But this subject rather volume also demands the separate description. And it is interesting more to the host, than to the hostess.

Good luck to you in development of a scope of traffic jams!