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Who wants in school?

Everything in life happen the first time! And into school every year we enters for the first time - the First time in 1, 2, 3, 7, 11 etc... class. At this time it is accepted to say about how all wait for the beginning of academic year. Whether so it? I here never in school wanted, and everyone on September 1 woke up with a small shiver in all parts of a body: Nightmare. Again! And here I communicate with present school students.

Nastya, passed into the 7th class of a gymnasium:
Both wants to study and to have a rest too... There is a wish that the school was such... easy without special pressures. And still I want because there is a wish to get new friends more, acquaintances and td. I want to finish well a quarter, and to please with it parents.

Neti, passed into the 10th class of a gymnasium: Wants to come to school to see old schoolmates, teachers whom missed during the summer. Of course, there is a wish that changes were longer. And I do not want homeworks yet.

of Rum, passed into the 6th class of a gymnasium:
I do not want to study at all, I want vacation more, and weather good it was possible to walk, and to sit at a school desk and I do not want to go out at all.

of Vick, passed into the 6th class:
I want in school because I study well, and then I want to become the lawyer. Of new academic year I want good marks, at elementary school was an honors pupil, now, unfortunately, a horoshistka, but I surely will make up for everything.

Danya, passed into the 3rd class: I want to go already to school and there something to learn new, I study well, parents are glad for me. I want that poor students became this year pyaterochnik that all studied well.

Sasha, passed into the 5th class: So-so I treat approach of academic year. I want in school because there it is cheerful, friends there, all run and laugh, and stay at home and there are nothing to do. And there is a wish to walk already not really, every evening one and too the yard.

The double relation to approach of academic year at our school students, and sense approximately same - paradoxical: if there is nothing to do to children on vacation, they with pleasure everything go to native schools - behind communication, behind this real luxury of the person. Children remain children even if there comes the time of heavy study!

was Written down by Anna Melnik.