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What Pavlik Morozov suffered for?

on September 3, 1932, 75 years ago, were gone in the neighborhood of the village of Gerasimovka two boys - 14 - summer Pavlik Morozov and him 9 - the summer brother Fedya. They went to the wood behind a cranberry and did not return. Fellows villager missed loss not at once, and even then when the favourite dog of Pavlik broke loose, ran away into the wood, and from there began to howl loudly, on it did not pay special attention. And only after the dog came back home, actually, and asked a question: and where children?

On searches the militiaman in the beat who by means of peasants found both boys the killed after a while was called, they lay slightly at some distance from the road. Two blows which to the same extent could be deadly were struck to Pavel, too dealt shortly with Fedya ruthlessly.

The village of Gerasimovka contained only about hundred farms, and therefore to find murderers it was business simple: fellows villager saw how that day, on September 3 from the wood the uncle of the killed boys and their grandfather returned. The suspicion at once fell on them. And during a search in the house the basin in which, allegedly, found two shirts belonging to murderers with plentiful brown spots was found. Blood?! But why to murderers to store so destroying proofs?

Time was hard, over all country fight against a kulachestvo as a class was developed. And this murder was decided to be used in the propaganda purposes - to present 14 - the summer boy as the pioneer - the hero who was injured for what several months informed on the father Trophime Morozov earlier of. At the same time the fact that in Gerasimovke at that time there was no Komsomol organization neither pioneer, nor even into account did not begin to be taken.

Means, as if were now expressed, on promotion did not regret, it is enough to tell that in the regional center Tavda especially for carrying out trial of murderers, in record time on Stalin Street the club of Stalin was constructed, and military operators for illumination of the course of court established about 500 loud-speakers.

The district committee of party and district executive committee distributed telegrams: To Hold meeting To Send on process of delegates . To Organize a red wagon train with bread in gift to the state . On the eve of court to Gerasimovka there arrived propaganda teams and brass band. The stall traded in vodka without restriction. After the live newspaper (the oral magazine) and choral singing when fun reached a maximum, declared that tomorrow a show trial.

It was appointed to evening that residents of neighboring villages managed to gather. But the beginning had to be postponed as from - for general alcoholism not all managed to arrive. But the scene was issued under all laws of a genre. Pavlik`s portrait drawn with the local amateur artist hung on a back. To the left of a portrait an appeal: We Demand to sentence murderers to execution . On the right another: Let`s construct the " plane; Pioneer Pavlik Morozov .

I will not describe court, it was severe for murderers. The sentence read at death silence of the hall said: - to find Kulukanov Arseny, Morozov Sergey, Morozov Danila, Morozova Ksenia guilty of murder because of class revenge of the pioneer Morozov Pavel and his brother Fedor and on the basis of Art. 58. To subject 8 UK all four to the highest measure of social protection - to shoot . The uncle Pavlik of Arseny Silin on logic, unclear and happy for it, was acquitted.

I will stop on what induced the boy to complain of the father to authorities. Trophime Morozov lived with Pavel`s mother more than 10 years, during this time at them was born five children (one of them died in infancy). But by the time of the described events he actually left a family, got over to live to a bright razvedenka which used very bad glory in the village.

Trophime Morozov was able to work, he in economy had both a cow, and a horse, and a calf. When it left to another, it left all to Tatyana and children. It was necessary to look after everything. For the winter it it was necessary for a lot of Sena. And preparation of firewood? Without them in the village anywhere! All these economic efforts also laid down on brittle shoulders of Pavlik. And here still the mother set on: While we stoop here, he to himself lives happily with this shalavy . Generally, they decided to return the father and the owner to a bosom of a family with the help Soviet power.

Dispossession of kulaks Trophime Morozov passed quickly and easy. As in a new family he acquired nothing, the property was decided to be withdrawn from old. The horse and a cow were brought together from the yard, there was only a calf. And that, it was necessary to kill soon, children could not be fed. It turned out that Tatyana Morozova, having instigated the son to write a denunciation, cut itself.

But even not it became incentive motive for the grandfather, Sergey Morozov who raised a hand against own grandson. Pavlik felt in the center of attention, the militiaman in the beat, occasionally running in Gerasimovka, always summoned the boy and tried to find out what moods reign in the village whether someone covers bread from delivery to the state. As Sergey Morozov was prosperous, and for certain, hid something from grain of a new harvest, he just decided to intimidate Pavlik, having talked to it confidentially. But, having seen the nephew, 19 - summer Danila Morozov at once grabbed a knife Some researchers believe

, however, that the family did not kill children, and murder - work of OGPU for which indicative process over " was necessary; fists it was necessary to cause hatred of people to them, at the same time having at one stroke destroyed outdate moral principles and family foundations.

On the saga about the pioneer - the hero not one generation of the Soviet people grew. In modern Kaliningrad one of streets bears a name of Pavel Morozov. It is remarkable that Tatyana Morozova soon after murder of the son received from the state a generous gift - the apartment in the Crimea. She lived long life, having died in 1983. The woman was a welcome guest in all pioneer teams, however, every year her story about the son - the hero underwent considerable changes.

When kill children - it is always terrible! When their death is sacrificed to some ideological installations - not less disgustingly. Pavlik Morozov lived short life how many to him it was measured by destiny. And the main lesson of all this history - let`s treat children more carefully. To personal and others`