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The first time in the first class!

of www. sunwayacademy. I teach ru

Ya since 1990. Often ask me a question why I did not open

educational institution at once especially as situation in the country

favored. Homeless teachers wandered crowds about streets and

of what - what, and money at me was with interest.

And so I also explain to all and at once...!!! I am the same person, as well as everything, and nothing human me is alien to

. And that our historical Perestroika shock on me

as well as on all citizens of the country, walked an asphalt skating rink.

To endure similar incredible health and reinforced concrete mentality are necessary.

How many my messmates both on school, and on University, and on postgraduate study

became an inveterate drunkard, degraded: Alexey calls (a party nickname Green): Mikhail, I counted

here, we ruined 25 years of life: the kindergarten, school, university,

postgraduate study, passed the incredible number of tests and mad examinations. And

that? There lasts monthly pay for 5 days, and the most important, I teach bases

of radio engineering which I could also hollow already in the 8th class of high school!!! .

Also becomes absolutely clear modern state policy

because Alexey is Candidate of Technical Sciences, the expert in the field of problems

of artificial intelligence, and his knowledge, experience, opportunities are not demanded.

I what I could tell in 1987 to it in reply?!

I am the best young scientist of Leningrad (AFI, 1989). My wife - the student I LIE,

I am a graduate student. Our grants are enough exactly for 5 days too. In

institute there passed 4 waves of reductions, and thanks to my professors who in a smoking-room,

looking back, quietly at an ear, I was whispered: Mikhail, think of the future, of

the destiny, there is no work and will not be... and thanks to the scientific image and

to opportunities emigrated who to America who to Canada who to Israel.

And what to do to me? When the corresponding member Chernyshov, and pointing the deputy director of AFI institute, addressing

to all hall of professorate to me by a hand, shouted: Here, here it, our

change!!! our change that is I, at this moment sat, having bent the head, with wild

melancholy understanding that all life, all prospects, all scientific career, all

style, a way, a way of life failed.

Knowing that rescue of drowning - work drowning, I in a year was

the CEO of own firm. Well and boredom, I will report on you: Basic

model: goods - services - money - goods - services. Well - with, it is not quantum and

statistical physics: Bu is hectare - hectare - hectare - hectare!!!...

Shock of the endured disappointments long pursued. Synthesis of philosophy, metaphysics,

of dialectics, biological cybernetics on the strong basis of achievements of modern

physics demanded scrupulous fifteen years` approbation. Long, heavy, as to it it is also necessary to

by classical definition scientific work...

And here, at last, the educational institution is registered. And first academic year. And

first First of September, the first Open Day, the first Knowledge Day,

first is formal - legal pedagogical efforts!!!

When the king of England Richard 8 opened universities in the country, one of

of ministers took an interest why it is necessary, and received the answer: We everything will fall oblivion into

, and universities will operate England! . It`s true!

And I understand that our Academy is waited by the great future and that will be as

is planned, opening of university, college, lyceum, school, kindergarten,

i.e. full pedagogical cycle of which I dreamed still in 90 - x years.

did not turn out to construct all structure snizuvverkh, well, God granted to

an opportunity to begin building from top to down that, however, remarkably, the Academy acts as

as pedagogical scientific research institute for all subordinate educational


All the first - the best! I understand that we will celebrate 3, 7, 11

of anniversary with a pomp, but all - will most be remembered the first. and to you I wish

of What, to listeners: Here, as well as in everything: who was not in time, that was late. It is unpleasant to hear the phrase

Forgive, but your train left!... . All - from the person, all - in hands of the person...

So, today in 16. 00 the team will sound:

the Captain on the bridge! Equal! Quietly! An alignment on the middle!

Mister President! The team is ready to the Way!

Flourish. Welcome to a board! Seven feet near Kiel!

What our years! Forward! And forward! And forward!

of All benefits!

of Good luck!!!

yours faithfully, your Mikhail Shchelkonogov.