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What sauces do not demand special efforts? 10 fast recipes of

without going deep into dictionary definitions, we will note the main thing: sauce is an aroma, taste and a look. Thus, it affects several sense organs at once, and it is no wonder that giving to a table of sauce is often perceived as a sign of special hospitality or a favor.

Which - who is ready to add at once: but it and excess fuss in kitchen, a waste of time and forces.

A let`s try to avoid special efforts, but sauce everything is to prepare! Main thing, that quickly and tasty.

We will begin with garlick:

1. Moldavian garlick " sauce; Muzhdey (however, the Ukrainian culinary specialists treated with similar, claiming that the recipe - own).

It is pounded 1 head of garlic (without having forgotten previously it to clean), we part in 1/2 glass of water (if is near at hand - meat broth, but it is optional), we add salt and vinegar to taste. In total! It is possible to give to meat and fish dishes. However, if it a little is drawn, then will be even more picturesque. In some versions of the recipe it is offered to add vegetable oil, ground red or black pepper, others do without it. So - the choice for you!

2. Aioli (it is southern - the French garlick sauce).

Is pounded (and it is simpler - it is pressed) 4 big segments of garlic, accurately we add 1 yolk and a glass of vegetable oil, again we pound, we add a teaspoon cold (boiled, of course) waters and juice of a lemon - to taste. We receive sauce of a mayonnaise consistence which is good both to meat, and to fish, and to vegetable salad.

3. " sauce; Eseserushka (the house name from a student time).

We get a processed cheese of the " type from a deep freeze; Friendship we rub on a small grater, we press couple of garlic gloves, we dress with mayonnaise. There it is possible to crumble parsley still. To baked potato, for example - just you will lick fingers!

Now - with horse-radish:

4. Simply Lousy (the joke, of course, means traditional sauce with horse-radish).

We take a half-glass of the crushed horse-radish, we fill in with the same amount of hot water or broth, we add polished apple, a tablespoon of vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon of icing sugar and 2 - 3 tablespoons of sour milk or kefir. Stirred - and it is ready! Approaches cold meat, sausage, vegetables.

5. Swedish mayonnaise. Only it is also necessary for

: to mix 100 g of salad mayonnaise with the same amount of apple jam and 5 tablespoons of grated horse-radish (and more horse-radish is possible if it wants). And then to allow to be drawn in the refrigerator.

With eggs:

6. Polish (m - m - mm! - I love).

We dismiss 150 g of butter on weak fire. While cools down, we chop 4 boiled eggs, 10 g of parsley. We mix everything, we fill with lemon juice or we add lemon acid on a knife tip. The pike perch on - Polish without this sauce just is not, but also it very much even approaches other fish.

7. Gribish (French).

Small we cut proteins of three boiled eggs and 50 g of gherkins (and it is possible and to rub on a large grater). Yolks - are pounded, we mix with mustard (30 g), we pour gradually in a glass of vegetable oil, we add 30 g of vinegar, we mix. And now we send proteins and cucumbers to yolk weight, and also - greens and salt to taste. Sauce is ready! It is possible to give to cold appetizers. However, at our place variations on the subject Gribish and Tartar well go also under hot fish dishes.

With berries:

8. Amla of a chatna (the Indian kryzhovenny sauce) into Russian of manners.

In the Indian sauce it is required to cook a gooseberry, and then to add spice: pepper, ginger etc. But we will act simpler. Let`s crush a glass of berries (without tails ) by means of the blender, the meat grinder or a primitive tolkushka, we will add 3 - 4 garlic gloves, salt and sugar to taste, steam of tablespoons of fennel there.

A is possible and in a different way - instead of fennel to put chopped walnuts in the same volume.

9. Cowberry with cheese we Put

100 g of processed cheese to the warm place where it will be softened, we will add to it 50 g of sour sour cream, to taste - salt and sugar, and then we will implicate 100 g of cowberry in this weight. That`s all. To meat, of course, including also a bird!

And finally:

10. The English mint sauce (that that at the Russian tsars moved on the receptions).

It is cut 3 tablespoons of mint, we add tablespoons: two - sugar, one - vinegar and 3 or 4 - waters. We leave alone for 2 hours that it was drawn, and then we give to meat and fish dishes.

Bon appetit! Do not forget only that it is not accepted to sauce a garnish.