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As game of east wise men, or " changed; What was created with chess?! .

Option I.

Actually, it is that option of game with which all also began; during game it became clear that it is up to the end not finished, and players should solve a number of situations.

An essence, as well as at all other games of a similar genre: the mat is required to deliver to the opponent, figures go as in classical game, however besides figures on a board accident cards are used. At the beginning of game about five such cards are distributed to each of players. During the course the player can make the usual course and use a card, or use two cards. It is a little cards so a variety big is impossible, however to play all the same interestingly. After all cards at the player end, he takes five cards from the remained pack again. Influences of cards are distributed on concrete coordinates of neutral part of the game field, i.e. for 3, 4, 5, 6 lines of a board.

The cards used for game: 10 cards stopping the opponent`s figures on 3 courses (coordinates: A3, A6, C4, C5, D3, E5, F4, F5, H3, H6), 6 cards - the catapults throwing on 3 steps in the direction of the course forward, at the same time, if on a final cage there is a figure it loses a board (coordinates: A4, B6, D5, E3, F5, G4) and 4 cards destroying the opponent`s figures (coordinates: B4, B5, G4, G5).

In the original each card had the colourful name ( " Prison; The Mountain on the way Wolf hole etc.) with the small explanation that happens to this figure on this cage of the chess field.

Option II. (Glacial chess)

Amusing option of classical chess. Of course, it is impossible to carry it to games with an element of chance in view of the fact that it is not here just, but it is one of my favourite types of this game. If it is honest, then I play it badly, most of all I like to collect rules, to reveal from them the best, to make the options of game, and not only options.

But it is too big step aside... actually, about game. Arrangement of figures and a way of the course of figures in comparison with a classical look are not changed. The chess field on lines 3, 4, 5, 6 is filled with ice, ice is perceived as the figure which is an obstacle and can be brought down, respectively, by a pawn on diagonal, and other figures in the direction of their course. Each twenty courses there comes Ice Age, and all cages, free from figures, except those that are surrounded on a vertical and a horizontal (it is possible to surround only single cages), are filled with ice, at the same time any figure around which there is nobody, is frozen and becomes an ice block which only the king can bring down. Purpose: to freeze the opponent`s king. If both kings are frozen at the same time, then the draw appears.

Here such here game option, there is nothing special in it, however, it is worth playing it, and it carries away at once.

Option III. ( Hippopotamus Chess or Chess with the Hippopotamus )

It is really option with a random factor. The game is played by classical rules, the only change is a presence of one figure having the name as you already guessed Hippopotamus : it is placed on D4 cage to deprive of it an opportunity the first course to bring down any king. This figure does not belong to any of players, and she cannot be hit. At the end of the course black the hippopotamus does the course, the direction is chosen incidentally, the hippopotamus goes as a queen, length of the course of 1 - 4 cage is chosen incidentally too. If for the course of a hippopotamus there are not enough cages, then the course proceeds on the opposite side of a board, girdling it. And now the most unpleasant: making the course, the hippopotamus forces down all figures which are getting in his way.

The game purpose - to deliver a mat to the king of the opponent or to wait until that is brought down by a hippopotamus; if the hippopotamus the course forces down both kings, the draw appears.

Ya presented you only three options of this ancient game, however it is not all possible options so you do not hurry to draw conclusions concerning static character of game, properly without having recognized her. Even such game simple by sight as crosses - zeroes, is not limited to the field 33.