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Whether it is possible to shift a log the truck? (A gas generator on the car)

1962 - the beginning of my work: Ural Automotive Plant (Miass Chelyabinsk Region) engineer of laboratory of engines.

It happened so that I as well very active Komsomol member, quickly joined public life of department of the chief designer. There passed year. And suddenly in the heads of The Five of activists the idea adequately (I passion do not love this word from - for its full uncertainty) to meet the coming 20th anniversary of a descent from the conveyor of the first car was born - and there was this remarkable event on July 8, 1944 (by the way, in Miass there is a street On July 8 and I even on it lived).

It was solved - no more, no less! - to shoot the full-length movie about plant, and by own efforts. The Five included Susanna Lubizcaja, her husband Anatoly Lyubitsky, Veronika Vasilyeva, naturally, there were also I. Susanna headed bureau of catalogs and prospectuses, Veronika was in this bureau an editor, Anatoly worked in laboratory of devices (in my opinion, the mechanic).

Self-confidence was very much. But something is necessary and to do! Especially as the plant manager Victor Alekseevich Gurushkin (subsequently the deputy minister of automotive industry of the USSR) from our giving issued the order on initiative group and its tasks.

To put it briefly while there was an irresponsible chatter, everything was clear: Susanna with Veronika will write the scenario, Anatoly will remove, and I will supply. But when it was required to script, it turned out that it is not enough historical material, Susanna cannot and does not know how to write, Anatoly (whom Susanna recommended as the ingenious photographer and the cameraman) in the first attempt of shootings inserted a film into the movie camera on the contrary, and I have no physical capacities to be engaged in supply as it is demanded by business

Everything went to disorder (is necessary to tell that which - that I made - for a start got 5000 meters of a film). Everything was rescued by the chief designer Anatoly Ivanovich Titkov (subsequently the head of department konstruktorsko - experimental works of Minavtoprom of the USSR): it charged shootings of a photolaboratory of department of the chief designer (who scripted and whether wrote it in general - I do not remember).

The movie was successfully removed, dubbed on the Sverdlovsk film studio and in time is shown to working class.

Despite the full fiasco would seem, personally for me it was very interesting period: I got acquainted then with new people, and with the facts, new to me, and even joined production of the scenario (took some literature, read something, something even remained in memory).

Among other interesting things, of course, there was a history and plant, and the car. The fact that the plant let out.

On November 30, 1941 the State Committee of Defense (SCD) made the decision on construction of the Miass motor plant (on the basis of aviabombing plant No. 316).

Nomenclature: automobile engines and tank transmissions.

Also some other shops of the Moscow plant of Stalin became production base evacuated motor. To Miass there arrived echelons with the equipment and personnel - employees and workers of plant.

In 1942 the plant began to work as motor and the first line which was started was the line of piston rings.

In 1944 the automobile conveyor from which the first cars Uralzis descended was started.

On military option round stamped wings were replaced with welded G - figurative, the cabin was sheathed by wooden laths ( " lining;) footboards, mudguards were wooden (from plywood), a rim of a steering wheel, the right headlight was not established. In a cabin there were no heater and window regulators, for an obduv of a forward glazing the top part of a windshield at the driver opened. The working brake with the mechanical drive affected only back wheels. At a cargo platform only the back board leaned back. Only changes in materials of a cabin and plumage saved 124 kg of steel.

Among other models there was also a gas-generating car. Such cars were used during war in the back from - for a lack of gasoline.

The gas generator is a column which fastened in a corner between a cabin and a body. The wood chocks which are specially prepared for this purpose were fuel and respectively a gas source for such car. From 30 to 70 kg of firewood - depending on car type were spent for 100 kilometers of a way.

Often by truck there was an assistant who kindled a gas generator, threw up firewood in a fire chamber etc. Power and speed of the gas-generating car were lower, than at a petrol prototype, the gas generator weighed 400 kg, and the body was shortened on gas generator width.

Gas-generating cars were issued also after war up to 1952.

Here so logs moved cars!