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What hide from us stars?

the Different people placed paradise in different places. However paradise still has no geographical coordinates. One of opinions - that it is in heaven among stars which long since drew attention of people.

In Slavic Vedic literature it is said that Slavs were founders of astrology - science which studies communications between heavenly bodies and destinies of people. It would be valid, difficult to imagine that the southern people lodged on the sky of inhabitants of a midland: Big and Small She-bears, Eagle, Lebed, Wolf, Hare and others.

Nevertheless, the Greek interpretation of constellations reached up to now. This description is used by modern astrologers. Star images were attached to heroes of myths and gods: Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Perseus, Orion and others.

A. Asov tells how our ancestors interpreted constellations. So, for example, the Pole star is an entrance to a throne of god of God. Here the garden in which the apple-tree with gold fruits grows is located. Once you taste apple, it turns the mere mortal into the Lord of the World. Similar to the fairy tale about rejuvenating apples.

Governors of Svarog and Lada protect a throne and a garden with an apple-tree, having turned into Draco constellation. Around an apple-tree go Big and Small Dipper, without allowing to it strangers.

In the Greek mythology to the Pole Star it was not allocated such important place. Therefore the Dragon protects only an apple-tree. Mere mortals - Argonauts could get to a garden also. Big and Small Dipper once protected a cave in Crete in which Zeus hid. In gratitude were postponed for the sky later.

The impression is made that people tried to interpret an arrangement of stars in the sky for transfer of history, myths. They did not hope for durability of paper therefore used eternal " paper; - star sky.

The descendant will have a look at the sky, will see constellation of Twins and will remember about the brother and the sister Kostroma and Kupala. Their names mean fiery . And that were better postponed in memory of an event of their life, also will compose the fairy tale. You remember Geese are swans . This story about Kostroma and Kupala. However, according to the legend, history of Kostroma and Kupala had the sad end.

Will consider Virgo constellation, and memories of Svyatogor`s daughter - Maya Zlatogorka who gave rise to the Christmas carol will recover. It brought on the earth Law right . Similar to the Virgin and Jesus Christ who left New testament .

If you see in the sky constellation the Miracle - Yudo - Fish - the Whale moreover on a visit at God, in the north, that wait for a flood. Stars served our ancestors as a fine weather reference point. Here some signs from a national calendar. If in October of a star bright - to good weather. The star sky in the winter - to cold, and in the summer - to a clear weather. Here also it turns out that for our ancestors the star sky is not only opened book of history, but also the textbook on a pogodovedeniye.

Shine, shine, a far star,

That I in night met you always;

your weak beam, battling against darkness,

Bears dreams to soul of my patient

(M. Yu. Lermontov Star )

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