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What benefit is brought by clay?

Ten years ago the book about curative properties of clay caught sight to me.

Long ago our ancestors knew of clay miracles. Still we admire abashevsky, Dymkovo, filimonovsky, zhbannikovsky clay toys. Clay penny whistles increase mood. In pottery the food keeps the properties longer. Peasants covered with clay the houses.

From the new book I learned also about the rejuvenating effect which is possessed by clay. Why to wait for an old age? - I thought and tried to impose masks from clay. Blue clay near at hand did not appear. Used that which remains on building after digging of a ditch for the base. Stirred it water to a consistence of sour cream and put on a face for about 15 minutes until clay began to dry up, washed away water and applied cream. In 2 weeks of the colleague began to be interested as I improved complexion. Having learned about clay masks, were surprised.

Here - that the colleague also told the story about blue clay. Layers of this curative clay are washed away by water on a country pond. Summer residents are covered with clay and sunbathe. Than not SPA - the resort? On this reservoir my colleague independently cured a concrete illness during the summer.

However, in house conditions instead of warming up on the sun it is necessary to wrap up a sore point in a woolen scarf, and the clay stirred to a sour cream consistence needs to be imposed on a gauze (centimeter three) and to put in the form of a compress. In 2 - 3 minutes you will feel how pain begins to leave, and then will pull in a dream. It is possible and take a nap minutes 30! Clay will wake you! On a sore point the heavy feeling or cold weather will appear. You will want to throw off a compress. The sore point should be greased with vaseline and to wrap up, and clay can be thrown out.

Was interested I clay in the medical force. In the Penza province began to restore temples, and it was found out that there are some churches on the earth with blue clay. For strengthening of medicinal properties this clay should be dissolved with holy water, and after use - to dig under a fruit tree. Over time clay will restore the curative forces, and fruits of a tree will help you to support the health. So there was a new method of treatment by clay in my moneybox.

It was interesting to learn history of recovery of the woman who had a stroke. She learned to take the first steps after an illness with Blessed Virgin Mary`s flutes which is in Diveevo. Clay is a part of the local earth too, but strength is given not only by it. The belief cures orthodox people.

I remembered this history when at me the leg, and the doctor on mine began to grow dumb: Why? - answered: Yes you also know! On medicine the hope was not. Then I tried to resemble with " on the ground; flutes minutes on 10 - 15 daily. Inconveniently, painfully. But in 2 - 3 days began to notice that the leg ceased to grow dumb. During walking also active points on a foot were massed. Means, walking on clay helps at diseases of legs. And it is possible to use the same clay repeatedly. Of course, usual clay will need more time in fight against an illness. And compresses from clay will help and to take off fatigue from eyes, and to win against cold.

At treatment by clay it is necessary to control the thoughts. You should not expect medical effect if you bear a way of revenge to neighbors in the head. In this case it is necessary to treat the head. Clay will clear up.

So in my home first-aid kit clay appeared.