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What is the gentle lily well-known for?

of the Lily for Lilia. But recently these flowers became fashionable to give not only to Lilies. What does this flower draw attention with?

A white lily - a symbol of innocence and purity. Ancient Greeks attributed it a divine origin: she grew up from milk of mother of gods of Juno. At ancient Jews the flower served as a purity symbol. According to the legend, it grew in paradise and kept the purity, and before God suffering of Christ Redeemer the white lily became red.

The lily occurs in hieroglyphs at Egyptians and designates short duration of life, freedom and hope. Made fragrant oil well-known in the ancient time of this flower. Decorated with white lilies bodies of the died young Egyptians.

At Romans the lily is a sign of refined taste, luxury, grace, a hope symbol. The image of a lily was placed on the Roman coins. Decorated with wreaths from these flowers the heads of newlyweds.

On the holidays devoted to the goddess of spring Flora, women competed in fight and run. Winners received in an award wreaths from lilies and were filled up with the whole rain of flowers. Then there was a statue of the goddess decorated with flowers and garlands.

According to Old German legends, each lily has the elf who is born and dies together with a flower. Hand bells of a lily awake the sleeping elves on a prayer.

In Germany there was an opinion that the lily is a flower of death. So, in one of monasteries each of monks three days before death found on the chair in church a white lily.

For French the gold lily has historical value. It serves as a royalty emblem in the shadow of church. Not incidentally France was called a kingdom of lilies, and the French king - the king of lilies. Lilies had to remind soldiers a heroic feat of the sovereign Louis VII which expelled from the fatherland of Romans and became the founder of the French monarchy.

The important role was played by a lily in the image of medal signs. Louis VIII, having returned on a throne after Napoleon I`s reign, founded an award of a white lily in the form of a silver lily on The White Ribbon. So the lily became an emblem of party of Burbons.

The lily was considered as expression of the highest extent of awe and respect. Grooms sent to the brides bouquets in which there was a lily, up to the wedding. However, this tradition occurred in aristocratic families.

At Spaniards and Italians the white lily is a flower of Blessed Virgin. In wreaths from the girl`s lily the first time go to a participle. There is a legend that with a white lily in a hand Angel Gabriel was to Blessed Virgin in day of the Annunciation. On all icons it is represented with a branch of this flower.

In China a lily called the deformed Chinese woman`s leg, thanks to these tiny legs gait became slow. The woman had to shake here and there, waving hands to keep balance. This movement reminded Chinese how the lily waves.

Apparently, people tried to get long ago into an essence of the things surrounding them including flowers. Various significance was attached to a lily. As well as in ancient times, today the young man can express sympathy to the girl, using symbolical language of flowers.

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